CNLG cautions on new crop of youthful Genocide deniers

CNLG Executive Secretary Jean Damascene Bizimana addresses media in Kigali. / Sam Ngendahimana.

Genocide deniers in the diaspora have changed tact in their propaganda aimed at demeaning and denying the genocide against the Tutsi, and are now using the youth who they brainwash into propagating seeds of hatred, the Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CLNG) Jean-Damascène Bizimana has said.

Bizimana said this while commenting on a recent programme aired on Voice Of America (VOA) in which individuals, led by a one Claude Gatebuke, used the opportunity to advance a double genocide agenda to seek international community sympathy.


Bizimana explained that the agenda is being pushed by five non-governmental organizations, which all operate abroad and are headed by members whose parents were directly and indirectly involved in executing the genocide and spreading its ideology.


He blamed greed, hatred, brainwashing and genocide ideology that they inherited from their parents and which he says they have failed to rid themselves of.


“Some of their parents have been convicted of the crime of genocide by the Rwandan justice system or international justice while others such as Shingiro Mbonyumutwa, Jean Marie Vianney Ndagijimana are hiding,” he said.

He reminded that Ndagijimana, who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1994 fled with $200,000 meant for the Rwandan Embassy in New York when he was sent on official mission to the United States with President Pasteur Bizimungu.

Currently, he is one of the people pushing the double genocide agenda.

Bizimana reminded the group that he says mostly relies on social media to spread their propaganda that the Rwandan borders are open to receive them, should they be ready to return home.

“There is a misconception that social media is the benchmark for having supporters. Gatebuke and the rest should return to Rwanda and join others and see for themselves how far Rwanda has gone,” he said.

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