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Chinese embassy donates food supplies to Rwandan Kungfu community

Rwandan Kungfu players and coaches have been given food donations from the Chinese embassy to assist them in their daily life amid the difficulty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The food supplies amount to about 28.8 metric tonnes. They include maize flour, beans, sugar and rice extended to members of the Rwanda Kungfu Wushu Federation.


Richard Makuza, the Vice President of the Federation, told the media that about 25 federations, of which 23 showcased need for assistance in regard to the effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


He reflected on how the players’ life has been impacted by the hardship caused by COVID-19,


“Kungfu as a sport has not yet developed to the level of other sports in the country. So, you find that our players are struggling with life, and some of them make a living from what they earn daily. The days we spent in the total lockdown affected them. Sometimes we would communicate and sensitize them to keep fit, but they would tell us it was hard for them to train when they are hungry,” he said.

 According to Makuza, the federation has a list of 402 players that are in more serious need for assistance.

 “Every player will get 30 kilograms of maize flour, 15 of rice, 15 of beans, and 5 of sugar,” he said.

Eria Nzabonimana, a Trainer at Kigali Wushu club told media that the assistance came as an answer to some of the problems that the Kungfu community was starting to be faced with,

“Some of my players are employed in businesses like taxi-moto transport– which are not operational in this period of time. When I interacted with them, I found out that their life is not going on well. And I think this support was needed.”

Didier Shema Maboko, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sports expressed gratitude for the support of the Chinese government towards the Kungfu Sport. Among these he cited Chinese support in the form of training clinics to local players and facilitating Kungfu tournaments.

Rao Hongwei, the Chinese ambassador to Rwanda said that the two countries’ cooperation in fighting against COVID-19 their bilateral connections closer and stronger.

 “Despite a still formidable task of combating COVID-19 at home, China has been providing medical supplies to other countries to the best of its ability. China’s assistance to other countries is a return of their kindness in helping China with COVID-19 response,” he said.

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