China keen to learn Rwanda’s best practices, says diplomat

Some of the Chinese diplomats remove tree stumps during Umuganda in Nyarugenge District yesterday. Julius Bizimungu.

A team of Chinese diplomats yesterday participated in Umuganda, a monthly community activity, in Rwesero village, Kigali sector in Nyarugenge district.

The diplomatic corps collaborated with community members to remove tree stumps and clear an area where Nyarugenge district is currently building a social housing project for vulnerable families.


Xing Yuchun, the Political Counselor, who also represented the Chinese Ambassador, said they want to learn from Rwanda’s best practices which is why they joined the community in Umuganda.


“I should say it is the first time Chinese diplomats are joining local people for Umuganda. We are here because Umuganda is one special activity we think we can learn from as a best practice,” she said.


She added that activities done during Umuganda like building houses, clearing roads, bridges and sometimes schools, sends a message of the importance of cooperation and mutual assistance, which she indicated that China believe in.

Yuchun also highlighted that they strongly believe Umuganda is among many other homegrown solutions that have made the country outstanding on the international scene.

“Rwanda is among the cleanest and safest country, not just in Africa ,but also in the world. Activities like this one help the country claim its place in the global arena,” she said.

According to Li Jianbo, the Director General of China Road and Bridge, one of the oldest Chinese companies in Rwanda, even though it is the first time diplomats are joining the locals, the Chinese community have been helping the locals in different ways.

“We have previously helped communities through maintaining feeder roads that connect villages, repairing water pipes, and collaborating with the government to build schools,” he noted, adding that they wanted to continue participatingactively in community activities.

“What we are doing really is to encourage people to participate in activities that help them achieve self-reliance, independence and dignity. We are therefore grateful for the support from the Chinese community in Rwanda,” Emmanuel Rutubuka, the Executive Secretary of Kigali sector, told the members after the activity.

Currently, over 132 houses worth nearly Rwf1 billion are being built in Rwesero village in Kigali.

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