Are church leaders misleading their flock?

Apostle Paul Gitwaza

Local pastors, Apostle Paul Gitwaza of Zion Temple, and Bishop Rugagi of Redeemed Gospel Church, have this past week been trending on social media, especially on Twitter, after a video sermon in which the former told his congregation that there was no better prophet than him in the whole of Africa.


The latter told his flock to buy his handbook, which he claimed contains prophecies that would happen from September to December 31; an old video of him resurfaced where he urged his worshippers to give offerings if they wanted to get Range Rovers.


Sharon Kantengwa asks: Are church leaders misleading their flock?



I agree with RGB’s statement.  Even the Bible warns against false prophets.  People should learn to identify true prophets by those who preach and prophesy from the Bible. I do believe in miracles but I also know that you need to work for the blessings that the Bible talks about.

Albert Gisoda, Church instrumentalist

I think it is wrong when it comes to forcing people to do something. People should be allowed to give from their own heart because faith comes from the willingness of someone.

Prosperity gospel is unfortunately common these days, and that isn’t the authentic gospel. When you believe in Jesus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be rich–you can still be poor but continue to believe and whatever you are given is not because you have also given something. What God gives us is by grace, we don’t pay for what we have to get.

Dieudonné Mbonigaba, insurance broker

The Bible says that we shall know the prophets by their fruits.

Christians who listen to these false prophets prove how hungry people are for material wealth and not spiritual well-being. I think that the church has a role in teaching believers the core value of Christianity and biblical principles.

Annet Agaba, accountant

First of all, Christians need to remember why they went to church. After being born again, we look for a church that can help us to know God and please Him. So, sometimes I think Christians forget that and start going there for other purposes, like seeking healing and looking for miracles or just because people say a certain church is better than the others.

Clarisse Pink Uwineza, gospel artiste

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