10 warning signs of a pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes are illegal ventures in Rwanda. (Net photo)

Pyramid schemes are illegal in Rwanda. Below are red flags to look out for to determine whether a venture is a pyramid scheme. 



1.    To make money you are required to recruit members




2.    Mobilisation strategy involves enticing and exciting promises of either services or products  


3.    The initial members receive hefty payouts from fees of people in lower ranks rather than the selling of services or products


4.    Motivation is through stories of lavish lifestyles made possible by being part of the program


5.    Boast of celebrity members


6.    The model promises increments based on the money paid by recruits  


7.    You will be required to pay a joining fee or initial investment


8.    You are approached for a business opportunity rather than a product or service


9.    The presentations and pitches are high energy and low substance


10. There are claims that the business is registered or the authorities are aware.


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