Transform Africa summit delegates for Kigali Night Run

Kigali Peace Marathon runners during a past edition. This year, the competition will attract more 8,000 runners from the region. Sam Ngendahimana.

May 11

Kigali Night Run

May 20
Kigali International Peace Marathon

More than 1,000 delegates who will participate in the 2018 Transform Africa summit are scheduled to take part in the third edition of Kigali Night Run on May 11, according to athletics president, Fidèle Mubiligi.

The Kigali Night Run is a build-up race to the 14th edition of Kigali International Peace Marathon, an annual race. This year the peace marathon is due May 20.

The third edition of the Kigali Night Run is organised in partnership with Rwanda Development Board, the Ministry of Sports and Culture, the City of Kigali, and Rwanda National Police since 2016. The race is open to all people.

“The main objective of this race is to increase the awareness of the main event (Kigali International Peace Marathon) but to also give people a chance to explore the scenery of the City of Kigali at night,” Mubiligi told Times Sport yesterday.

“The Transform Africa delegates will get a chance to meet and interact with citizens as well as get a feel of Kigali,” he added.

More than 4,000 delegates–including heads of state, business leaders, representatives of development partners that are active in ICT field, among others–are expected to convene in Kigali for the Transofrm Africa, slated for May 7-11.

The Kigali Night Run covers a distance of 3.9km, starting from the Kigali City Hall, through the city centre, and finish at the carfree zone.

More than 8,000 athletes are expected to take part in the marathon that attracts athletes in three categories, namely full marathon (42km), half-marathon (21km) and run for peace (10km).


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