Your favourite celebrities’ plans for 2020

2019 was a year of mixed fortunes for different celebrities in Rwanda. Some successfully achieved beyond their expectations while others had a disappointing year. However, the majority believe 2020 is a year when things could get better.

A number of celebrities shared their 2019 experiences with Sunday Magazine’s Eddie Nsabimana and revealed their plans for 2020.


Aristide Mugabe, basketball player (Patriots)


For me last year was about learning, getting more experience professionally and generally in life. I have learnt a lot. I had some goals to help some people and I tried to achieve that.


When it comes to basketball, my main goal every year is to win a championship. We had, as a team, to win the championship and book Basketball Africa League (BAL) qualification. I am proud that we qualified for BAL and we deservedly progressed to Basketball Africa League (BAL) 2020 regular season.

Aristide Mugabe, a basketball player with Patriots BBC. / Courtesy

On a personal level, I have many plans but, mainly, I want to expand my knowledge in different sectors, and to help my team to at least make it to the Final four in BAL 2020 regular season and win the championship. I believe it’s possible, but it will all depend on the preparations we will have.
David Mucyo aka ‘Made Beats’, music producer

2019 was a successful year for me because I played a role in 80 per cent of the best songs that hit the airwaves last year. So I have a reason to celebrate.

David Mucyo, a.k.a Made Beats, Music Producer. / Courtesy

In 2020, I want to triple what I achieved in 2019, produce more hits that dominate not only Rwanda’s airwaves and clubs but the East African region or even the continent. I am confident I can do it.

Knowless Butera, musician

2019 was a year that cost me a lot of energy because it was so demanding. I had to combine growing my music career and also focus on my studies which were in crucial stages [you know that I recently graduated with a Masters’ Degree at Oklahoma University] and then run my private business. I had to handle all these things and, thankfully, I can celebrate that everything went according to plan.

Knowless Butera. / Courtesy

Now that I have completed my studies, I would like to let my music fans know that 2020 will be a year of music.

I will be releasing more music and performing more. I also plan to launch my fifth album, though the dates are yet to be confirmed.

Bruce Melodie, musician

The greatest achievement I celebrate most about 2019 is ‘people’ because, without them, I could not have realized the dreams and targets I set before the year began.

In general, it was a very busy year for me, plenty of songs were released and became hits and I put up a big number of performances.

Bruce Melodie. / Courtesy

I did my best to give my fans the music they were expecting and I am happy that I did not disappoint them. Moving forward, I can’t be specific right now but, to be brief, I want to achieve more this year.

Meghan Nimwiza, Miss Rwanda 2019

I have many things to celebrate and they include the Miss Rwanda 2019 crown, the opportunities I got last year thanks to the crown and even the challenges, too. I celebrate the challenges because they opened my eyes to many new things.

Reigning Miss Rwanda Meghan Nimwiza. / Courtesy

In 2020, I am going to continue to work on my project so that it can benefit a bigger number of people in communities. I also want to put much focus on my studies.

Luckman Nzeyimana, media personality

I had many things planned for 2019 and, to be honest, I can’t say I achieved them 100 per cent but I did my best.

For instance, I celebrate that the new creative talents I hosted in my TV show went from unknown to being invited to big gigs and the feedback I received from my TV Show audience really motivated me to do much more.

Luckman Nzeyimana. / Courtesy

I also dreamed to start recognizing music legends every year, through my ‘Versus’ TV show on Rwanda Television, to give credit to Rwanda’s iconic musicians and it finally worked because I got the support I needed to start giving out the awards.

In 2020, I am really focused on looking at how I can make the awards even bigger. I also want to be more creative so that my TV show can attract an even bigger audience.

Plaisir Muzogeye, professional photographer

Our [photography] profession has been my biggest source of income over the years. We kept pushing to prove to people how valuable it is but only a few could understand the potential it has.

However, 2019 was a year when people started to understand and opened up to do business with us.

Photographer Plaisir Muzogeye. / Courtesy

They appeared increasingly interested in our services and it was really incredible to hear even high profile people looking for advice from me on how best they can get their children into photography because we finally have earned the respect we deserve.

On the other hand, it has been a year whereas a nation, we learnt that a photo has the power to tell our story.

In 2020, I want to take my photos in international competitions and win awards. I know we have a long way to go but I am willing to try.

Moses Turahirwa, fashion designer - Moshions

I really achieved a lot in 2019. It was much more than I expected.

I got the honour to dress many celebrity figures like filmmaker Ncuti Gatwa, Sophia the Robot, world-famous Manneken-Pis statue in Belgium and my fashion brand got much more success and appreciation from that.

Moses Turahirwa, Fashion Designer- Moshions. / Courtesy

My work was also exhibited in Egypt, Senegal, Kenya, France and I was among the exhibitors at Rwanda Day in Bonn, Germany. Putting all these milestones together makes me feel that 2019 was a successful one for me.

I expect a lot more this year. We are launching two collections and I am taking my brand to the international market.

We are planning to have our first ever own fashion show by Moshions and we have a target that early this year, we will be making it possible for our customers to do online shopping where people from different countries can shop with us.

Arnold Shema aka DJ Toxxyk, DJ

I really had an amazing year because I met my dad for the first time. It is also the same year where my DJ skills were booked out of the country.

Arnold Shema, aka DJ Toxxyk. / Courtesy

Next year, I want to make sure that what I do makes my parents and my country proud. Most importantly, I want to open my own school of DJs to share my career experiences with the young generation aspiring to become DJs.

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