You can’t succeed without teamwork

We were recently asked at school to form study groups for a forthcoming presentation. However, every group I tried to join turned me away, saying they were already too many. I don’t have friends at school and that has never bothered me, but now how do I do this assignment if no one will do it with me? Should I just go at it alone? John.


The road to success is always under construction — and it requires teamwork. It will be difficult to attain academic success without the support of other learners, and so the way to achieve this is through teamwork. Collaborating with others will help you identify your own strengths and weaknesses, for example, leadership abilities, idea development and self-awareness. Classmates have the potential to influence you positively. A single conversation with the right person can turn out more valuable than years of study.

You should learn to embrace your school approach regarding group-work study and identify a group that you can join to ease your academic journey. Your teachers emphasise teamwork because they’re professionals who use teaching methods that will boost your performance.

Your classmates too can help you identify the strengths that will make you thrive.    It’s fun to learn from friends. Isolated studying is like a two-winged bird without legs; it can fly but at one point, it will need to stand.

Could it be that students do not want you to join their groups because you’re not nice to them? It is not right to be in school with no friends. We all need human interaction.  Therefore, endeavour to connect with as many classmates as possible. Do not be self-centred. There are tons of ways you can make friends. If you have failed to get a group to join, ask your teacher to help you.

“Two people together can accomplish more than twice as much as one can and the results can be much better”, is a saying that you should observe. Teamwork will help you develop skills that are increasingly important in the professional world.  So get close to your classmates and focus on learning as a group as this will make you a better student. 

Their thoughts...

Junior Rwasibo, Student

Don’t be dispirited because your classmates do not want you to join their groups. Perhaps this is your chance to show your colleagues what you are capable of. They will end up joining you instead.

Sylvia S

Handle the situation with a positive attitude. Look at it as an opportunity to prove to your classmates what you can do. Show them that you are smart enough to do it on your own.

Pacifique Murara, Student

Don’t feel frustrated; talk to your teacher to help you find a group. Your teacher can team you up with other students, and this will save you the trouble of finding a group on your own.

Leonard Kubwimana, Student

There is a possibility that there are other students in class without groups yet, just like you. Find out if some of your classmates are facing the same problem and join them.

My best friend has always been a well behaved student and gets good grades. However, lately she seems to have problems, she rarely comes to class and when she does, she is shabby and disconnected. I tried to talk to her but she told me to leave her alone. I’m worried about her; her performance has gone down significantly and she is always in trouble at school. I worry that she might get suspended but she doesn’t seem to care. How can I help her?  Mimi


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