Allioni and Muyoboke team up

Singer Allioni has been off the music scene for nearly two years now and was last ‘spotted’ during the Primus Guma-Guma Super Star competition in 2016.


Word on the street is that the singer is now signed to Decent Entertainment owned by Alex Muyoboke, a veteran in the local music industry. Muyoboke has managed the likes of Tom Close, Urban Boys, Dream Boys and Charly na Nina.


The alliance comes months after Charly na Nina ditched Decent Entertainment over bizarre disagreements with Muyoboke.


What we know is that the afro beat singer has signed a three-year management deal with Decent Entertainment and Muyoboke, who is credited for promoting many artistes’ music careers in the country, is said to be dedicated to taking Allioni’s music to another level.

Could this be the revival of the singer’s career? Let’s wait and see.

Fireman arrested, again!

Local rapper Fireman knows how to make headlines, but for all the wrong reasons.

The member of the struggling Tuff Gang music group was a while back reportedly taken to Kabuga Transit Centre for alleged drug use. This is not the first time the rapper has been accused of using drugs.

Fireman, who went to jail over the same issue, is becoming more known for feuds and drugs than music.

The rapper is known for songs like Original, Urwikekwe andSagihobe. But his involvement in this bad habit has made his career impossible.

No one knows how or when this will end.

Are Christopher and Nina dating?

Christopher is arguably one of Rwanda’s top rhythm and blues singers, and pop duo Charly na Nina are also taking the music scene by storm.

The latter, however, have never opened up about their love life, at least not since they started doing music. But Christopher has been linked to several people, including former Miss Rwanda, Colombe Akiwacu.

The gossip mill’s latest spin is that Christopher could be dating Nina, or what snoops call a ‘casual fling’, because ‘their relationship doesn’t seem serious’.

Perhaps they are still trying to figure things out together.

Fans threaten to end Fik Fameica’s career

Ugandan fans have proved that the only thing on their mind is Bobi Wine’s freedom and have put musicians who have not shown support for the singer and legislator on blast.

Their latest victim is Fik Fameica who has been endlessly trolled after he took to Facebook on Wednesday and posted his photo with the caption “I’m gaining weight”.

The disappointed fans took to the comment section to express their displeasure in his choice of post at this time, with some even threatening to end his career.

Who is Zari’s Mr X?

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan is back in the headlines. You can remember that she had a very public break up on February 14 this year with her then lover and father of her two kids, Diamond Platnumz. The relationship between Zari and Diamond ended on a sad note when Zari took to her official Instagram account (@zarithebosslady) and posted a letter to her fans explaining the reasons behind the decision to dump the Tanzanian artiste. She said that he cheated on her with several women and she had had enough. 

Unlike what we see in most breakups, Zari’s kids were not dragged in their parents’ breakup.

The news that Zari had found ‘a new catch’ started right after the breakup. At one time she posted that a mystery man she called Mr. X bought her some gifts. She received an IPhone X and a bouquet of flowers. She revealed via an Instagram post; “What’s your plot this weekend? So been arguing with my friends that Samsung has the best pics ever and they say iPhone has the best. What’s your take? And by the way thanks Mr X for the iPhone X, received with thanks. So I’ve got the best phones on the market s8+, Note8 and now IPhone X. Let’s talk mega pixels....” Her fans were so excited and wanted to know the identity of Mr. X.

Word has it that the rumour about her ‘new boo’ seems to be serious. In an Instagram post on August 19, she posted a picture with the caption “Off the market #Taken. But the question is, who is Mr X?


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