What is going on between Marina and Derek Sano?

Is upcoming female singer Marina trying to get on socialite Sandra Teta’s bad side? Sources say that the artiste and socialite are in a bit of a strife, concerning Derek Sano.

Teta was dating Derek, a member of Active boy band, until the two parted ways a few years ago. However, the two are known to be an on-and-off-again pair.

News reaching us is that Derek might be dating the songstress now. We are told that Marina shares some moments with the artiste, however, Derek and Marina choose to keep fans guessing as neither of them have confirmed the relationship.


Diamond clashes with the law

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has on several occasions clashed with the Tanzanian government over violating the law.
The latest issue is that Diamond was stopped at Julius Nyerere International Airport and forced to miss his flight to Comoros where he was set to perform. Tanzania’s entertainment regulatory body, BASATA, stopped him from leaving the country for cases related to failure to have a performance permit (license). According to BASATA Secretary-General, Onesmo Mabuye, Diamond was stopped because he deliberately refused to get a permit for the performances, Tanzania local news sites reported. According to BASATA, all artistes are expected to report to them before travelling abroad for shows as this is intended to ensure their safety.


Don’t compare me to other socialites — Zari

Socialite Zari Hassan has thrown shade at other socialites who try so hard to be like her, in order to make a living. She implied that certain comparisons that include her and other socialites should stop because she is not on the same level with them. Followers insinuated she was hitting at Huddah Monroe and Wema Sepetu.

The mother of 5 wrote, “Ati sijui A or B, mimi sio izo level zenu, I worked for my name. I’m not a social climber.”

This comes after Tanzanian blogs continue to compare her to Diamond’s old flame, Wema Sepetu, having fans in circles on who the singer should settle down with.

After Zari walked out on him, the singer has since been linked to Sepetu. Many claim that they could be back together; but the two continue to deny this saying they are just working together.

Was Judith Heard taken to jail?

Uganda-based Rwandan socialite Judith Heard is rumoured to have been in jail. The model/actress is said to have spent the night behind bars two nights ago thanks to her nude photos that leaked not too far back.

Heard, who was issued with several police summons but refused to honour every single one of them, was rumoured to be nabbed by Police, snoops say.

A source close to the socialite said that she was arrested as she was about on her normal business, and taken in by the authorities for the nude photos that found their way on the internet.

Heard was taken to the Central Police Station but the socialite, however, maintained that she didn’t shoot the photos with the purpose of posting them on social media, but for a modeling gig.

She said that it was unfortunate that an ex-lover leaked them online leaving her vulnerable.

Judith’s story

Heard opened up on the circulating media reports.

Taking to Instagram, the model seemingly debunked the reports saying they are fake news meant to tarnish her name.

Judith Heard said of the reports, “At the end of every road it’s about who has the last laugh. Even those that write false stories about people have families that welcome them back from work at the end of their long day of putting mud on someone’s name.”