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Is Bahati dating again?

Grace Bahati’s relationship with Rwandan US based rap star K8 Kavuyo was, for lack of a better term, going steady for a long time. They even had a child together. However, the two eventually broke up. 

It could be nothing, but, Bahati, who was Miss Rwanda 2009, recently started showing signs of a seemingly new relationship with a different person on social media.

The former beauty queen posted photos of another man believed to be her boyfriend, and fans were quick to react, sending celebratory messages.

“Grateful for this God-fearing man!” Bahati posted on Instagram.

Was Bruce Melody hacked?

Rhythm and blues singer Bruce Melody is not a happy man at the moment. The singer’s YouTube account may have been hacked.

If you have been following his music online, it is easy to tell that something went wrong when you search for the artiste’s music.

We are told that the singer’s YouTube channel which had thousands of followers and tonnes of music might have been hacked and taken by a man who is allegedly based in the United Kingdom.

News reaching us is that Bruce Melody is trying to file a complaint to Google and YouTube. It is not clear whether there are possibilities of getting it back.

Just Family member getting divorced

This music group was a household name back in the day. They came and they conquered.

Later, they disappeared, and people forgot about them.  Recently, however, the group was thrown back into limelight.

One of its members called Croidja who was in South Africa is rumoured to be filing for divorce from his Burundian wife called Nadia Hakizimana.


What went wrong? Nobody knows at this point.