Why young people should take lead in rebuilding the nation

Casmir Yasipi Uwahirwe, First Runner-up for Miss Rwanda 2018, and other youths born after the Genocide against the Tutsi during the Walk-to-Remember on Sunday. / Village Urugwiro

The notion of the youth taking part in the country’s restoration cannot be overstated. Being the biggest part of the population, their role matters a lot in development. Society Magazine’s Simon Peter Kalisa talked to a cross section of young men on what responsibilities they can take on in the continued transformation of the country.


Youth today have to help the country in fighting cases of Genocide ideology because this challenge still prevails and unfortunately, such cases tend to show up during the commemoration period. This should not be happening, not after 25 years. That is why I think that the youth should be on the frontline to curb this vice.

Yves Shamurenzi, University student


The youth have to be thirsty for knowing the history of their country which can help them not to be lured by those who want to fulfil their own interests, just like how it was during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Anne-Marie Uwiringiyimana, Kigali resident


The biggest problem that the youth have encountered is the divisive Genocide ideology campaign, which is fuelled by rampant communication specifically done via social media platforms.

This I think, is where the youth have to put more energy to counter the pseudo propaganda especially as the country commemorates the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Alexis Nshimiyimana, Member of National Youth Council


We should first look at ourselves as one people, people who share the same culture, history and live in the same country.

This is what will help as to fight together if we are to win every external force, envisaging to divide us again. But we also have to tell our own story especially that of what Rwanda is today.

Sandrine Nikuze, Youth leader at Rwanda Scouts Association


We know that the youth were among those who committed Genocide crimes, but with determination and sacrifice they can now reciprocate that energy in protecting their country.

This will help in securing our future and that of generations to come.

Nelly Verite Murengezi, a student at Ruli Higher Institute of Health


Youth today should focus on being custodians of the country. The country has already registered achievements by sustaining good governance practices like fighting corruption and nepotism.

The youth should supplement these achievements by putting more effort in areas like fighting drug abuse and teenage pregnancy, this can be done through advocacy and working closely with the concerned authorities.

Shemsa Mukanteko Karema, International relations student at Kigali Independent University