Why you should ditch that purse for a backpack

For a sophisticated look, go for neutral shades. Net photo

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to carry your daily essentials, a backpack might be precisely what you are looking for.

Backpacks have made their way back on the fashion scene and indeed women are falling in love with them. They are sophisticated, stylish and durable; this is why they have proven to be the hottest trend in fashion.


Isaac Bizimana a boutique owner says women love this trend because backpacks are one of the most selling items at his shop.


“I sell a minimum of four backpack purses a day. Ladies understand what it means to own one of these. The bags are trending and very fashionable indeed,’’ Bizimana says.


This bag is a must have for all ladies especially if one wants to spice things up every now and then. Carrying ordinary handbags day in, day out can be boring; this is why it is important to add this new arrival to your wardrobe.

Because of its sophistication, the back pack has the ability to shine at various functions. Its ample space also makes it possible to accommodate everything right from the wallet to tech devices.

And the best part is that a backpack is convertible. You can carry it as a shoulder or hand bag. One can in fact change its look depending on what they are wearing.

Kinah Umuhire says she loves this bag because of its simplicity and ability to cary most of her stuff.

“I find it very easy to carry my backpack purse everywhere I go than a hand bag. Whenever I plan to spend a night at my aunt’s place, it is easy for me to keep a few materials in my backpack purse. Be it a toothbrush, a night dress, and an underwear .I find it very useful,” she says.

Trendsetters like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have embraced the look; you should too!

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