Why a teacher’s role should go beyond classroom interaction

It is right when teachers are highly committed towards giving their best to students; when they work hard to make sure that they provide their students with quality education.

However, to creatively find a multitude of ways to have a bigger impact and fully contribute to excellence in learning, teachers should consider different ways of motivating their students beyond the classroom.


A few years ago, when I joined college and pursued a degree in secondary education; it was all about teaching, how to have better teaching methods and there was nothing social. This made it hard for me; I could not really comprehend what I had studied.


Crammed concepts of smartness and theories of behaviourism have an effect on the quality of education. Teachers, hence, need to think about how they can make an outstanding impact on students, putting into consideration their different kinds of backgrounds. They need to think of equipping students with skills that can help them survive in life after school.


Everyone is good at something, there are ways that every teacher can enrich their students’ lives beyond the impact they have on them through classroom interactions, for every teacher in his or her own jurisdiction has something that he or she is well versed with.

Teachers can be good with a lot of things, like knowing how to motivate students. Some can be really creative with the projects they contrive for their students; others are fantastic at getting their students to engage in thoughtful conversations. And still others have a knack for how they communicate with parents in a positive way.

But isn’t it a shame when a talented teacher keeps their talent to him or herself? It would be awesome if they shared them such that everyone benefits. So what are you especially good at, and how can you positively share this with students?

Though not pronounced enough, it is an educational creed that the underlying importance of schooling goes far beyond tutoring, because then, it is when education can be relevant to the individual and society at large.

The writer is a PhD student at Beijing Normal University


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