Why effective time management is crucial for online learning

The current situation has seen a big number of students turn to online learning. 

Since online classes don’t necessarily have the structure of a traditional classroom, teachers as well as students are required to plan for lessons and assignments accordingly. And this, requires effective time management as one of the crucial skills for effective learning.


Alphonse Uworwabayeho, a mathematics lecturer at University of Rwanda’s College of Education says transitioning to online learning can take time for some to get used to it.


However, despite the challenges, there are key skills one needs to make the most out of their online education, including time management, he says.


“If one is adjusting to a full-time online program or balancing school and work, it is critical to be able to manage time effectively,” Uworwabayeho says.

Importance of time management

Uworwabayeho says flexibility, broader perspectives and improved collaboration are some of the benefits that come along with time management when it comes to online learning.

Stanley Mukasa, a Kigali based educator says one of the most t is effective time management.

He says that the better one manages their time, the easier it is to achieve their goals.

“Time management helps with learning, and it can as well make one more productive at work and in their personal life,” he says.

The educator advises that to achieve this, one needs to consider a few aspects for them to be an effective time manager.

“As a learner, one should be able to understand all the tasks they have to accomplish and prioritise them based on the level of their importance,” he says.

On the side of instructors, he says it’s important to always agree on the timeline whenever possible, that is, give a specific timeline and allow students to share the work they have so that they are also given feedback on the progress.

This, he adds, helps in the whole process of learning and its progress.

Another point Mukasa singles out is that students don’t have to complete the whole assignment for the teacher to look at it.

Rather, he advises that it’s essential to hand in the work in phases for the teacher or instructor to give feedback as this will enhance the progress.

“Instructors should always give students their results after accomplishing a task and then grade them based on every assignment. This in some way motivates students to continue working hard.”

Faustin Mutabazi, an education consultant says it’s important to note that having a consistent workspace and timeline for activities is important when it comes to managing your time with online learning.

He goes on to add that staying away from distractions and avoiding surfing the internet is vital for one to remain focused.

“Despite the flexibility with being an online student, it’s important to have solid engagement with your studies throughout the lessons,” he says.

Mutabazi says it’s important as well to provide plenty of time to space out your required readings, assignments and online discussions.

In addition, Uworwabayeho says it’s also important to find balance between coursework and other obligations, especially if one is juggling school and work.

To help create an effective balance for this, he says it’s important to prioritise time in a way that allows one to focus on school work and personal life as this is important.

Moving forward, Mutabazi says coming up with a schedule will help one get into a routine that works for their lifestyle and allows them to dedicate their full attention to each aspect of their life at a given time.

Mukasa stresses the relevance of having a support system when studying online.

“Online learning is sometimes a long journey and if one doesn’t have a strong support system; it’s easy to encounter some challenges,” he says.

He also notes that setting realistic goals is also important recommending that students ought to balance life and studying as well, as this is vital for success.


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