What is your purpose?

Do you ever question your existence? Ever thought about the life you are living, the things that you do? Do you have any motivation behind? Do you live with a purpose? Or your life is just about what you find along the way?

In our daily lives, it seems like all that matters is the possessions we own, the number of followers and likes on social media, the great apparel brands we wear. Sometimes we don’t even question the originality since it is all about showing off. But thinking thoroughly, should all that define our lives, is that what we came into this world for? Nope, we are here for more than that and the mere fact that even those who have the most aren’t the happiest tends to prove that it is not all we should be chasing after.


We are here for a purpose and the mere fact that we are different in all the aspects of life also makes our purposes different. However, not everyone is enlightened to know their role and that is why we can live for such a long time, but don’t have a definition for our lives and where we are going.


What is your purpose? What is my purpose? What is our purpose? It all can be summarised in this little statement “strive to leave the world a better place than you found it.” If all of us considered just bringing a little change which begins by us changing ourselves and striving to live not only for our personal interests, but also considering the community around us and what we can do to lend a hand and make things just a little better.


How do we discover our purpose though? It is just about knowing yourself, questioning your origin and knowing that you are a predestined creature made differently and filled with great value for a different purpose. Take some time to meditate on yourself and think about your life. Your purpose is not far from you, it lies in your specialties; the things you are passionate about, the talents you have and relating all those to the interests of others.

But why the interests of others? We don’t live for our interests only. Even if you are working hard today with a motive to do something great, but hurt others along your way to success, then start questioning your purpose. Most people think it’s only about themselves, but, friends, if it was about you, maybe you should be in a video game set where you are all alone and hustling for your own self. Then we must learn that we are here not only for ourselves but also for anyone else around us.

“It is not enough that we are living, we should be determined to live for something.” Now that you have questioned your existence and come up with your purpose, start living accordingly. Attach some values to your life so that you are not led anymore by the pressures of the world around you. Know that what people count for a successful life, like money, fame, and power, are not enough, but what counts more is a life with a defined purpose which makes more sense when it is a drive for the lives of more than just yourself.

Live a life of meaning. If you are young you might be attached to many things, try all of them and consider the best option. Not forgetting to put in consideration what makes a lasting impact, than something that will only count if you are around. If you have a purpose in life, you won’t be challenged anymore to live according to anyone’s expectations or peer pressure.

Lastly, your life should mean more to you and to those around you. Build relationships with people around you, strive to help others and take some time for your personal interests too. We were not created to live forever, but we do have the power to create things that will. Live for something, proclaim it, work on it and finally, you will be rewarded for it.



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