What role can the youth play in fighting genocide ideology?

Twenty-five years after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, the country has risen from ashes. But in order to prevent the past from repeating itself there is need to address challenges such as genocide ideology, and the youth in particular, being the future of the nation, have a big role to play.

Education magazine’s Stella Sugira talked to a number of youth on what they think should be the role played by young people in fighting genocide ideology.


As a young person, I have learnt a lot about the history of our country, mostly about the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.  I came to learn that young people as well took part in the killings.  We need to get involved in programmes such as ‘Ndi umunyarwanda, these will help us understand the importance of unity, and consequently teach the young ones that we are all Rwandans with equal rights. With this mentality and love for our country, we shall also use other platforms such as social media to preach harmony. As youth, we should also be the authors of our own history and not let others do our own story. It is our responsibility to make sure that what happened in the past doesn’t happen again.


Annick Uwase- former leader of AERG Icyizere, King David Academy


In 1994, the youth were used in destroying this nation, nonetheless, our country has been able to make it and it’s been 25 years after this horrific incident. Grooming responsible youth is the only way to reliable ‘never again’. Our nation needs youth who are free from drugs and, most of all, free from genocide ideology. As young people we need to be patriotic and responsible. We need to be self-reliant and hopeful too.

Celestin Rwihimba- Vice chairman of Patriotism Organisation Rwanda

We are the drivers of our nation’s goals and vision. It’s our duty to make our nation prosper, hence we need not wait to be reminded on what we ought to do in building our nation. Let’s take it upon ourselves to instil roots of unity and reconciliation and make it happen now. We are the future leaders who aspire to do great things and inspire the next generation. Let us be informed about our past and take part in shaping the future we want.

Christelle Mazimpaka- 2nd runner-up, Miss Geek Rwanda 2018

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