What lessons have you picked from Rwanda’s heroes?

Every February 1, Rwanda remembers numerous national heroes who lost their lives in the cause of their country.

On that day ,Rwandans not only reflect on the significance of Heroes Day and the selfless contribution of the country’s celebrated heroes across generations, but also seek to recommit to the very values that characterised those that sacrificed their lives for their country and common good.

Sharon Kantengwa asked some Rwandans what lessons they can draw from Rwanda’s heroes.

To sacrifice self interest and fight for my country like they did. They had the choice to turn their backs on their country but they didn’t; which is a good example to the universe especially Rwandans, to keep what they sustained and move forward because its our heritage.

Let’s keep the legacy by fighting for humanity, build peace and love through our different talents and passions.

Deo Munyakazi, Inanga player


To reflect on their image as people who focused on the destination even though many of them were not financially stable; it didn’t stop them from focusing on issues that will develop Rwanda that it is today.

I’ve learned love and kindness and that being united while having a vision was remarkable that people should learn from their steps.

Asinah Mukasine, artiste


Their sacrifice and determination have taught me not to give up on the fine things in life. For freedom, peace and my dreams I will fight for them until I find them because in the end it will all be worth it.

Marian Ingabire, accountant


To work hard. We have people who have been heroes in so many ways and so this day reminds me that I don’t have to be a soldier to be one, even at my job I can be a hero by fighting to achieve my dream.

I’ve also learned to love my country like they did and to make my country proud and leave a legacy.

Emmy Nsengiyumva, journalist