What if we made every day Women’s Day?

As we marked yet another International Women’s Day, I wondered what life would be like if every day was Women’s Day. Just like Valentine’s Day, I don’t understand why institutions and policymakers go all out on March 8 with pronouncements and promises they know they won’t keep.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful because there have obviously been some meaningful reforms and progress regarding women’s empowerment over the years.

Women can vote in many parts of the world and we’ve even had a couple of Female Presidents, Prime Ministers and women serving in other positions of power.

Add to that Female Surgeons, Architects, Coaches and so on. We appreciate the opportunities. But, the gender gap is still wide and closing it has to be a deliberate effort by both genders because there are cases where women sabotage other women. Kind of like Black on Black crime.

We should look out for each other because we know the challenges our gender faces on a daily basis. Ladies, don’t be the reason another woman hurts.

Don’t keep a father away from his children. The statistics may be true that there are more women than men, blah, blah, blah but someone’s husband is not and should not be your man. And if you’re one of the few women in a position of power but do nothing to motivate or elevate your female subordinates, shame on you.

To the girls who find the struggle too real they end up compromising their values, I’m not here to judge. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive but to those men who choose to take advantage of these vulnerable women instead of helping them, I don’t have any kind words.

Women deserve better than that. Show us some respect not just on March 8th but every single day. The pain and misery women suffer is often inflicted by men. If you verbally or physically abuse your wife or partner, are unfaithful or demand she stays home when she had career goals when you met her, you need to change that.

I really hope there comes a time when opportunities are purely based on merit. A time when a woman who’s more than qualified for a given position is not passed up simply because the guys in HR are forward thinking to a couple of years down the road when she will have to take maternity leave.

A time when a woman walks into a room and nobody pays attention to what she’s wearing but rather her proposal or work plan. A time when the #MeToo Movement will be irrelevant because men around the world treat women with respect. A time when women can go any place at anytime without looking over their shoulder worried that someone might attack them.

A time when every girl will be assured of a good education and a chance to pursue her dreams. A time when female genital mutilation and child marriages will be a thing of the past.

Could happen if every day is Women’s Day!