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What I imagine a Kanye West Presidency would be like

Disregard the recent explosive drama and rumours of an impending divorce and imagine Kanye taking the Oath of Office, The Kardashians in tow. Unlikely, but not impossible. Let’s put Kanye aside for a moment. Can you imagine what his election would do for The Kardashians’ ratings? No prizes for guessing what subsequent seasons would be called.

‘The Kardashians Take Washington’, duh! First Lady Kim Kardashian West would set the record for most selfies ever taken in the White House. Back to Kanye, I think the first thing he’d do is turn the Oval Office into a recording studio so he can make music whenever. I doubt the Secret Service would let him record elsewhere for security reasons.


The remodelled office would also serve as a creative space for his fashion line and the White House would be his runway. I can almost see the models sashaying through the corridors in place of aides and personal assistants a President is bound to have. And all those white walls could use some colour so I think some graffiti and murals would be commissioned to spruce up the place.


There’s already a West Wing in the White House but I’m not sure that would appease him or if he’d prefer renaming the White House “West House” or “House of Kanye.” He’s all about God these days so he’d probably have a church built on the grounds. Official documents would be signed off with “Ye President” and instead of daily press briefings, Americans and indeed the entire world would be treated to free concerts and impromptu freestyling sessions by none other than the Rapper in Chief himself. Barbecues, cook-offs and cocktails instead of the prim and proper formal state dinners that many guests feel stifled at anyway.


I don’t think I’ve seen Kanye in a suit, except maybe at his wedding some six years ago. And as someone who’s not keen on dressing up myself, I’d welcome a dress down or casual atmosphere in what’s likely the most intimidating space anyone can be.

The Kardashians go all out for family and friends’ birthdays so I’m not really surprised Kanye named his party “Birthday Party.” His entire Presidency would be one big bash. And the icing on the cake? Yeezys, hoodies and bling among the complimentary gifts for everyone who visits the White House, sorry West House! So, would you vote for Kanye?

Not that your vote counts but still!

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