What is freedom?

“The secret to happiness is freedom.” Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think, as one wants. In our lives, we need freedom, as the young generation, we want freedom. A free kingdom where everyone is a free king and queen. But many of the things that people are doing in the name of “freedom” end up becoming things that bind and enslave them. Freedom should not be the liberation that leads us to immoral desires; the ones that in the end enslave us like pornography, alcohol and drugs.

As I mention this, I know most of the youth will be like “OK! This one is ‘a Babylon’” — a common term used to describe someone you don’t share the same beliefs in. But for those who need to live an exceptional life; a wise man once said, “Freedom is not free; it must be protected.” With its value of being the key to happiness, it should not be handled with carelessness, or lead us into the pit of immorality that will destroy our generation. Freedom should be ensuring we walk in positive ways, and that we have someone to guide us. For a free and fulfilling life, work on;
Time management. If you want to live freely and effectively, make sure your time is well planned, well used and yields productivity. Do not spend all day on your laptop, phone or any other gadget. Do some exercise, hang out with friends, and of course, participate in youth clubs, community engagement, and volunteer or look for a job.
Respect. If you want to be free in an effective way, you should respect other people’s ideas, listen to a mentor’s advice, parents’ notions, and ensure you walk as best as you can in life. For instance, let people take part in decision making as you still need people and guidance.
Responsibility. Be responsible.
In the end, stay free.
Free from laziness
Free from fear
Free from expectations and demands
Free from doubt and weakness
Free from the world’s corruptions

And stand:

Stand firm in your abilities
Stand firm with positive ideas
Stand firm with time
Stand firm with God
Stay free but protected