What are your 2020 resolutions?

Whenever a new year begins, some people make plans on the number of things they would like to accomplish that year. Education Times’ Joan Mbabazi reached out to students who shared their 2020 resolutions.

Diane Uwimana, High school graduate

My plans for 2020 are to get an internship placement in order to be equipped with skills that will be important in the future. I am also working on discovering my hidden talents so that I use them for something productive.

Esther Umunyana, Senior six graduate

I am hoping to put all my energy in committing and serving God. This will be possible through reading the Word, taking part in church activities like serving and ushering, or taking part in church group cells.

Camilla Alicia, Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali  

My plan for 2020 is to be more social and make new friends, as I have come to notice that friends make the world a beautiful place. I am also hoping to improve time management skills, so that I am able to perform more tasks in a short period of time. I also anticipate to be more organised and repent my past sins.

David Ntwali, Kigali Parents School, Kimironko

2020 is my year to make my parents proud of me. This will be possible through sacrificing most of my time to revise my notes, do research so that I am among the best performers in class as I prepare for national examinations. I am also looking forward to spending some time with my grandparents. 

Ethel Teta Rutabana, Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali 

In 2020, I am hoping to be more compassionate and give to the needy. I will also work hard to be the person I want to be, one who is committed, respects time and is ready to learn beyond what is taught in class.

Ketsia Iragena, High school graduate

Well, about New Year resolutions, it’s a bit different from the usual. In the New Year, I will focus more on what was left undone. I am cutting off unhealthy behaviour like impatience, cruelty, and grudges.  I would like to learn new languages, and study different cultures.

Tona Bonita Umulinga, High school graduate 

My 2020 resolutions are; volunteering in various activities and attending different camps or workshops to occupy my gap year. Also, if all goes well, maybe even get a job. I also plan to catch up with some old friends as well as my current ones.

Sasha Akaliza, Little Bears Montessori School, Kigali

My 2020 resolutions are to have great faith in the Lord God, put Him first. Respect my parents, teachers, colleagues, and elders more. Elevate my self-esteem, work on my weak areas, and read more books to improve my vocabulary, pronunciation, and spellings.

Martine Vanessa Berwa, High School graduate

I want to start processing a driver’s license, get more experience in work, and pursue my Bachelor’s degree, and focus on being a good Christian at all costs. Not just in words, but in actions.

Kayae Mfurankunda Akamanzi, Solid Foundation School, Kigali

MSince next year I will be joining secondary school, my New Year resolutions are to excel in my academics, be courageous, and exemplary to my fellow students and friends. I will have to fulfil the promises I made to my friends and keep at peace with them.  

Samantha Isimbi, NU Vision High School, Kabuga

My 2020 plans should be better than 2019. I am starting afresh in all areas of my life. I am giving my life to Jesus Christ. Also, to work hard in my studies and make a better world for myself and those around me.

Miguel Gisa Riviera High School, Kigali

My plans for 2020 are to have a new phone and get involved in a number of sports activities.

I want to hook up with new friends and most of all, help out with house chores. 


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