Watch your eyes

Eyes are a beautiful gift given by the Creator to man which enables us to see the beauty of the world.  If eye sight is damaged, there are various corrective procedures to rectify it, but the normal, natural eye sight is never restored.

Good care of the eyes is therefore important to keep it in good condition for a long time.  Working for long hours on the computers, using mobile phones for multiple functions apart from calling, are all putting eyes under strain.   Desk workers are more prone to develop damage to eye sight.


Proper lighting is important while working.  Poorly lit rooms are not good for eyes.  Light should fall in front of the eyes, instead from behind, so that a shadow does not fall on the page being read or computer screen.  After reading or working on computers for a long time, the eyes should be closed for some time with both hands to provide relaxation to the eye muscles.


Working for a long time in artificially lit rooms is also not healthy for the eyes as they lose their natural power of accommodation for distance. This is a disadvantage of working in air conditioned rooms which have artificial lights.  Watching videos or computers for several hours continuously makes a person short-sighted as the faculty to use far sight is reduced. This is the reason why with increasing affluence, youngsters are seen using eye glasses in both developed, as well as developing countries. Avoid reading or using computers in a fast moving vehicle as the jerks strain the eye muscles.


Throughout waking time eyes are exposed to dust and other irritants present in the atmosphere. Washing with copious cold water is good to keep them clean and cool.  Infrared rays of the sun are damaging to the eyes. Early premature cataracts are known to develop in persons who work under the sun most of the time. Wearing dark glasses to avoid direct exposure of the eyes to the sun is a precaution which should be taken by all. But one should be careful to see that there is no scratch on the lens of the sunglasses or reading glasses for that matter. Because any scratch on the lens will stress the eyes and affect vision.

Eyes are one of the target organs of the body to be damaged by chronic high blood pressure and uncontrolled diabetes.  There can be visual field defects and sudden blindness. A person suffering from hypertension and or diabetes needs to keep it very well controlled with dietary measures and medicines to avoid these visual complications.

Deficiency of Vitamin A in body causes difficulty in a person to see after dark. Vitamin B complex is necessary for strength of eye muscles which enables one to see both far and near objects. Vitamin E also helps to strengthen the eyes. A diet containing whole grain, fresh green vegetables, carrots, yellow fruits, and etcetera, is useful for good health of eyes. Alcohol and tobacco are known toxins which can damage the eyes. Direct damage to the optic nerve (nerve connecting eyes to brain, enabling vision) by these abusive substances are known to cause sudden blindness. Hence, they should be avoided to keep the eyes healthy.

People take up walking, gym, or swimming for fitness of the body. But these exercises do not strengthen the eyes. One needs to do specific   exercises for the eyes to maintain or strengthen their function if weak.

Any infection or injury of the eye should never be neglected, because it can lead to irreparable damage. By following such simple measures, one can keep the eyes in good condition for a long time.

 Dr Rachna Pande,                                           

Specialist, internal medicine

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