Walk your own path

Don’t be the kind of person the world asks to dance and you just dance without a tune or explanation. If there is anything that will smash you, it is doing what everyone thinks you should do.

Humans have a tendency of crafting the kind of person they want you to be. They will make you believe that you want to be that person. Find yourself, stand up for yourself and do your best. Let your light shine and never allow your originality to fade.

It is never easy, but what matters is taking the first step. Just take one step at a time, it is not a race. Sketch and shade the kind of person you want to be, do not live without a purpose because that could be the access that people with too many opinions need. They will drive you in all directions, and in the long run, you will regret the decisions made and time lost.

You have the compass; choose the direction that will lead you to the best destination. Will the path be smooth? Not always. Will the journey be short? Perhaps not. Will anyone help you drive when you get tired or lost? Don’t bet on it. It will be tiresome but keep moving. When you look back at how far you’ve come, you’ll smile.

You may want to start up a small business after reaching out to close relatives and friends for advice. People will assure you that you cannot start a company because you don’t have the money—or the capability.

No one has the right to tell you that you can’t do something. The most successful businesses started small. It all begins with an idea. If you want to be a doctor, pilot, teacher, or entrepreneur, go for it. It takes a strong mind. Remember that the world will shut you down a hundred times, but stand up each time. You have someone you are accountable to, don’t let this person down, and that someone is you.