Tired but not out

The trend now for some educators is to develop their skills as teacher mentors for newly recruited teachers./ Courtesy photo

I have taught English for over 16 years now and I do not fancy taking on an administrative role. Although I enjoy facilitating the learning of English, the repetition of the same concept for all those years is something that eventually wears your enthusiasm down – you can only be excited about nouns or spelling words for so long!  So what next for me as an educator? Can I change to teaching another subject? Perhaps, but you would still be essentially doing the same thing – just different content.

Joining the administrative team as a head of department, section head, vice principal or head teacher has been the automatic course of action by most seasoned educators, which makes sense considering that they have immense experience in almost all areas, but the question is, does it suit everyone?

Some educators are happy just to be teachers - that is it. Leading others in various administrative positions is just not their cup of tea, so what options are available for them? In a world where organisations are investing heavily in training and retaining their staff to ensure that they produce the maximum output, schools must aggressively join the winning trend of engaging their teachers so as to avoid them getting a burn out. 

The trend now for some educators is to develop their skills as teacher mentors for newly recruited teachers, or even for the experienced ones, but to specialise and coach them in varying skills. In addition, some seasoned teachers have taken on education consultant roles where they can access different educators in many areas. Also, teacher motivational speakers who inspire other educators to teach on are now carrying out satisfying roles. Others organise continuous professional developments for schools inset days or for after school or holiday short courses that keep the teachers in the know of their trade.

Many very innovative teachers have turned their knowledge into direct treasure; sell what they have; that is, lesson plans and teaching materials; which are now being sold on so many teachers’ platforms and websites like TES or Teachers Pay Teachers, among others. With the advancing technology in video making and all sorts of sharing platforms, others create lessons using YouTube videos. 

Others have chosen to take alternative teaching routes, like being substitute teachers or after school tutors which gives one time off. Whatever the choice, the sky is the lower limit for teachers.

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