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Time flies, even in these Covid times!

2020 has been a drag but the months have also ‘flown’ by and in a few weeks, we’ll be ushering in a New Year! My hope and I believe everybody’s, is that 2021 will turn out much better and we won’t have to deal with half the challenges we’ve had to this year. There were slow moments of course, at the start of the pandemic when life came to a standstill as curfews and lockdowns were imposed in a bid to contain the virus. I’m sure you recall the agony and uncertainty as everything from major sports events to movie releases and concerts were either postponed or cancelled. Even mundane activities like going to church or shopping were halted or restricted for a while and we didn’t know what to do with all the free time. Several of us also learnt that our contributions to the workforce weren’t that essential after all and what we wouldn’t have done to be branded ‘essential workers’ just to leave the house! Many were laid off or had their salaries halved if they got paid at all as the few businesses that were permitted to operate struggled to stay afloat.

So yeah, life did slow down but things have since picked up. Some places are still on lockdown as second and third waves hit and infections surge, but many others have also reopened and ordinary activities have resumed or will soon and once again, we find ourselves counting down to everything operating at full capacity. Unrestricted business operations, travel and full-fledged tourism, among others, could all happen sooner than projected.


Lots of things didn’t happen this year but a lot also did. Nicki Minaj, who I didn’t even know was pregnant, had a baby! David Beckham’s eldest son, Brooklyn got engaged. What? Like how does Beckham even have a child old enough to be getting married? Justin Bieber also got married. Wait, that was last year. See, I told you. Time is indeed flying. A new week starts and ends in a flash.


As I mentioned earlier, it must be everything we’re looking forward to next year, top of which has to be an effective Covid-19 vaccine because that’s the best shot we have for life to truly return to normal.


Those who were forced to reschedule christenings, call weddings or graduations off till they can ‘celebrate properly’ with friends and family must also be excited. I can’t wait to go places or interact with people without worrying about contracting the virus. There is also the Olympics to look forward to. Fingers crossed they’ll finally happen along with all the major tournaments we missed out on. For now,

I can’t believe it’s almost December, my favourite month, even though I’m not anticipating a promotion, raise or performance bonus. lf you’re, I’m jealous. With Christmas just weeks away, I’m starting to panic a little. The Festive Season is perhaps the worst time to be broke. That and when kids have to go back to school. I know many of us will be praying and hoping for a Christmas miracle or two. Like a stranger walking up and asking what I want for Christmas just like in the movies! By the way, I know it’s still November but my playlist is all Christmas music now.

I’m yet to put up a tree up but I’m starting to see lights go up in some malls. Best believe I’ll be on the hunt for every discount and giveaway I can find, mostly for myself because I realistically don’t think I’ll be spreading much festive cheer this year. And if you know of any great deals, feel free to let me know!

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