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Three major educational benefits of social media

In the present era, a revolution in technology provides various opportunities for studies and education that are accessed by everyone all around the world. The world of education has completely changed and become massive ever since the internet and technology were included in the formula.

Development and growth in form of social networking websites, instructors and educators are seeking for their potential use in education, have the conscious that social networking sites have the capability to endorse both collaboration and active learning.


However, social media has been criticised a lot due to the effect it has on the way students produce and retain information. Some parents are of the opinion that social media can be very distracting and harmful for students. On the contrary, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interaction. It is rather simple to see how students benefit from social media.


By using technology in classrooms, the young generation is paving a new way of education and learning. Students are getting to explore and experience the world not only by books and assignments; but also by adopting a new form of communication. In a world where your networks and connections are important, graduates enter the workplaces with a lot more to offer. Here are educational benefits of social media:


Web rendezvous

Students share personal information, links to other sites or comment on someone’s post. By doing this, they get engaged with each other instantly. The use of social media has made it easier and faster to interact with peers or teachers about class-related topics.

In a world where online engagements are important for businesses, these students are already experts at developing an online presence. Students are also experts in interacting with others on the internet. They know how to use basic, as well as complex functions, on various social media sites.

Sharing information

Students are continuously connected to the internet through their mobiles, tablets, and etcetera, hence, rapidly transmit information to friends, family, and other connections. This information is a lot more than just hilarious videos or vacation snapshots. People share views, opinions, tips, projects, study material and other such useful stuff with each other. They exchange helpful information for classes and examinations.

Their ability to access, evaluate, maintain and share information is fantastic without even being aware that they are actually developing such skills day-by-day. The older generations need to understand the magnitude of this new style of communication.

Social media marketing

We are all aware of social media marketing. The ‘new media’ has led professionals to build a social media strategy to publicise their product and service. Social media marketing is seen upon as a skill which is an emerging career option. Social media prepares young workers to become successful marketers. It has become essential for all types of businesses to incorporate social media marketing in their organisations. Students are extensively carrying out social media strategies for several companies all over the world. The benefits of social media for students are many. The above are just a few, to begin with.

Thus, the affirmative effects of social networking in education are perceptive. Social media sites not only assist students for assignment help but also offer great opportunities for communication between administrators and teachers.

Using social media, teachers can able to improve the involvement of their students in studies and education, improve technological ability, provide a great sense of collaboration in the classroom and make good communication skills.

The author, Rayanne Dany, is a tutor by profession.



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