Things that keep me up at night

A major earthquake rocked Indonesia's Lombok island this month. Net.

It’s been a grim couple of months across the world. There was the earthquake in Indonesia that claimed over 430 lives, the fires in Greece, Portugal and the US and, most recently, the bridge collapse in Genoa Italy that killed dozens.

These are some of the things that keep me awake at night. The randomness of these mostly natural disasters means it could be any of us at any time and that is scary. I don’t want to die a sudden death as I’m sure most people don’t.


The thought of leaving your house or workplace and not making it back is truly depressing. No chance to “prepare” or bid your loved ones goodbye. Not that doing so would make the situation better but you know what I mean.


I usually read some of the survivors’ accounts following these kinds of tragedies and many are truly heartbreaking. I can’t even begin to imagine the horrifying last minutes of those unlucky people who were riding across that bridge.


Their cars plummeting several feet to the ground and the occupants knowing they wouldn’t make it, like the family of three, young parents and their son gone in seconds. Life really is short and I don’t mean to distress anyone but the truth is you could die just going about your day.

Churchgoers have been struck by lightning during Sunday Service, which left me asking God all kinds of questions but that’s a story for another time. My other fear is trees and power lines coming down in stormy weather.

Sometimes I look up at utility poles just to make sure I’m not electrocuted by any loose wires, which is ridiculous given the many power lines almost everywhere! Wish we had some kind of protective gear or bodysuits to protect us all the time!

Guess it’s by God’s Grace that whoever is still alive gets to see another day. There’s also Gas. With so many people using Gas Stoves and Cookers, the rarity of gas explosions is truly a miracle.

Still, I’d sleep better if everyone used wind or solar power! Not practical, I know! Back to the bridge, I read about a suspended glass bridge in China or Japan and hats off to those courageous enough to step on it because I know I’d pass out!

I’ve never really felt comfortable crossing any kind of bridge, even Flyovers! River and Lake Crossings make me really nervous and when you’re as paranoid as I am, you can’t shake the anxiety and it doesn’t even matter if it’s long-standing or newly constructed.

No one can guarantee that they won’t collapse someday. Shame on contractors who do shoddy work on bridges and other infrastructure and anyone who looks the other way well knowing they’re putting people’s lives in danger.

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