Teach your mind to work for you

Do you know that your mind can either work for or against you? Many people do not understand this concept but it is true. If you train your mind, it can work for you.

Take Sarah, for example, who wants to study and score at least 80% in her exams. She has set her mind to that 80% and she will do what it takes; that means studying hard. Eventually, she will get those marks because of hard work.

When your mind is working for you it inspires you to do something constructive, to set goals and achieve them.  

When your mind is working for you, it teaches you to have a positive attitude, to make the best of every situation. It gives you power over bad circumstances, rather than letting bad circumstances get the best of you.

It also helps you to remain calm and disciplined, to focus on doing your best instead of wasting time doing nothing.

Once you have a positive mind it will always encourage you to move forward instead of backward.

However, your mind can also work against you. When your mind is working against you, you always feel dispirited.

Our school counsellor, Sister Esther Kinyanjui, says that you need to have self-talk. Call yourself to a meeting. Go in front of a mirror and tell yourself what you need to do or be. A friend of mine, Gladys, did it. It worked for her.

If you want different results in your work, all you have to do is to teach your mind to work for you and not against you. Your mind will always follow what you tell it.

The author is an aspiring writer at Inyange Girls School of Science