Students abroad should consider their role in the development of their countries

Discussions highlighted why scholars should consider their role in the development of their countries. Frederic Byumvuhore

Many students perceive studying abroad as a life-changing opportunity because of the numerous opportunities it presents. One of the many portrayed reasons for this is improved job prospects.

Whereas this is all plausible, the choice of some students opting to stay abroad is not right; this is because returning back home is very vital in the development of their countries.


Issues such as brain drain are averted when international students choose to go back home after graduating.


During a recent press conference that was held at Hainan Tropical Ocean University in China, African students from this university alongside Government officials discussed about this matter.


The discussions highlighted why scholars should consider their role in the development of their countries.

Because of the new skills and ideas acquired, there are high chances of stimulating development.

Ivonilde Oliveira from Cape Verde, who is doing her master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, said students who go abroad for studies should aim at taking new ideas to their home countries.

Before she went to China, she never planned on staying abroad because her main objective was to contribute to the development of her country.

 “My aim has always been to study and go back home to contribute to my country. At home, many young people go abroad and most of them don’t come back. I do not want to be like them. My intention is to study, get experience and go back to my country with new ideas,” she said.

Oliveira said her dream is not to search for employment but to create jobs to increase opportunities for other people.

Monteiro Edivaldo a student in Electronics and Communications Engineering also advised other students to fetch knowledge and go back to transform their countries.

He also recommended that for one to gain the necessary experience, students should endeavour to seek internships after they have graduated.

“Completing the programme is not enough, it is better for a scholar to go for internships before returning home because what is much needed is the experience. What we want is to get experience from the host countries and then transfer this back home to share for development,” Edivaldo added.

African students should hence endeavour to properly utilise the numerous opportunities availed to them.

According to Niu Jian, Deputy Dean of the school of International Education at the University, the University has a plan to attract more students from Africa.

10 scholarships will be offered to them this year in addition to 25 students who are already admitted at the university.

Jian revealed that application for the scholarship is open to all African students though they have to show how competitive they are.

Hainan Tropical Ocean University is a full time public university under Hainan Provincial People’s Government. It serves as a cradle of talents cultivation for the minority area of south central Hainan and functions as a centre for knowledge innovations, social service, culture inheritance and international cooperation and exchanges.

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