Some annoying behaviours to leave behind in 2018!

I follow a number of social media influencers on my platforms and this is one of the most interesting topics I picked from a vloggers’ insta-stories during the New Year countdown period.

The vlogger was sharing her frustration about some annoying behaviours by her followers in her private inbox and then later asked people to share their sentiments on other behaviors that we should all stop in 2019 so as to make the New Year better for everyone.

The feedback was hilarious and I thought how funny it is that people never have the guts to have one on one conversations about their pet peeves but thanks to the social media interface all emotions can be evoked at freewill.

So just in case you are wondering here are a select few

It is apparently so rude and unwise to tell someone on social media that you are un-following them because of something they posted that you do not agree with. It is rather simpler to click on the un-follow button and move on with life and let the person enjoy their own freedom of expression on their social media platforms.

This second one I strongly agree with, that in 2019 it is time to stop body shaming others.  Not everyone is made of thick skin and even if they do, you still break a piece of someone by criticizing how they look, how you think they were imperfectly created or just how their puberty turned out to be. We must fix each other’s crowns in 2019 and this goes especially to women. 

Thirdly, when you borrow something make sure to return it, don’t make it a habit of borrowing a friends’ jacket, shoes, hat, socks etc to the level that the next time they meet you it is part of your attire or you have the item but you are in no rush to give it back.

This I am sure so many people will be guilty of because often times the lender did not complain or ask for the item, but maybe it is because they didn’t know how to. Get it from the source today, that whether they complained or not, the item is not yours so simply give back all the borrowed robes.

The fourth point is an over sung song that can be explained in two parts, that simply don’t waste people’s time in the New Year. First of all the “African time” mentality has to stop and secondly time wasting in relationships also has to stop.

If your question at this point is why? I can only give one answer among many, time is money and time can never be given back. It’s good to respect other people’s time if you cannot respect your own.

Lastly, this concept of the biological clock ticking is getting in the way of other peoples happiness and so your friends, colleagues and even acquaintances are fed up with your questions about when are they getting married, or getting kids, moving out and all the societal expectations you may have of them at a certain age.

 This year try and give people are break because you don’t know their story and what challenges they are going through, you are not helping by asking, you are only adding to the social pressure.

Oh before I forget one funny one, this New Year saying, “Oh my! You have added weight since I last saw you” is not a greeting! Stick to the usual Bonjour! Amakuru! Bites! You don’t need to remind anyone that they added weight during the holidays season because their mirror does the job every morning.

I am sure you may have other pet-peeves to share! The funnier the better! Let’s talk online! Otherwise it’s a Happy New Year from me.

Twitter: @christineamira