Software applications that can improve workplace productivity

For long, technology has radically changed the way people do business. The development has allowed us to complete daily tasks in a fraction of time.

Regardless of the industry, there are always software applications that give employers’ working performance a boost.


Here are 10 software applications ranging from web-based apps to Windows software that can improve productivity in the workplace:




For those who absolutely need a visual task management system, Trello is a superb tool.

Trello creates a visual workflow and process management system for projects, acting as both a to-do list and a tracking tool.

The cloud-based platform lets you work with collaborators and upload documents directly to each task, keeping everything keenly organised in one place.

Evernote Business

Note taking is an underrated skill that benefits anyone immensely in the workplace. Whether it’s tracking the conversation in a meeting or jotting down ideas for a project, Evernote remains the leader for note taking workplace apps.

Notes can be supplemented with pictures and videos, turned into checklists, tagged and marked for comprehensive knowledge. was founded to create a team management solution so people connect to workplace processes across any industry. The productivity tool is used in more than 140 countries.

The tool is deemed to have one of the best user experiences across the mobile and online project and task management platform.

The product includes usability, customisation, admin control, group management and control, private or public control, in-group messaging and more.


The mantra behind Asana’s product is to enable teams from across different organisations to work together effortlessly.

When you create a project as a user, you can choose between a traditional task view and the kanban-style board view. The dashboard allows you to see the progress on a project, and it includes an excellent advanced set of search tools.


Grammarly helps to cut down time on editing. Professionals in several industries like law, healthcare, academia, marketing, engineering and journalism use it to provide instant feedback on the accuracy of writing in English.

Once you install the extension from Google Chrome, you can get corrections when you are drafting an email, using social media and other apps.

Grammarly is AI powered and it’s a wonderful tool to have to check spelling and grammar before a presentation.


ActivTrak is a business intelligence tool that allows you to access team behaviour analytics. In other words, it is data-driven.

The pros include two-factor authentication with active directory integration. You can also automate your alerts and it has an intuitive interface with easy-to-use admin controls.


Clockify is the time tracking software for teams. It provides functionalities for tracking work hours across projects. It is free for unlimited users. Automatic as well as manual time tracking methods are available.

Clockify will help you to track productivity, improve project profitability, client billing, and team management.


ProofHub is an online project management platform with functionalities for planning, collaborating, organising, and delivering the projects. It will provide a detailed report on resources and projects. It supports various languages such as English, French, Polish, etc.


Business cards are still the currency of the working world. If you’re in sales or networking, your old-school rolodex is likely chocked-full of cards.

CamCard helps you digitise cards to ensure they’re always available to you in the cloud. Just snap a picture of the card and the software pulls out all of the details, creating a virtual rolodex for you to comb through, complete with pictures of the physical cards.

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