The skater dress; a casual meets formal look

Skater dresses and skirts take casual to a new level. /Net photos

Trendy, stylish and comfortable, the dress comes in different sizes and designs, giving one numerous options on how to pull it off.

For an outfit that provides comfort and fashion, go for a skater dress.


Many women want to look elegant and stylish, and the skater dress guarantees this.



The skater dress is perfect for day time, weekends, weddings and even an afternoon out shopping.

One thing that stands out is that the dress has a shape that flares out towards the hem, making it flattering.

Women who don’t like over-doing it when attending certain occasions, the skater dress is the best option.

For a casual look, opt for a skater dress with a coat or blazer of your choice depending on the weather.

If the dress is short-sleeved, when these (coat and dress) are paired together, they look fabulous. For a short or medium length dress, round off the look with over-the-knee boots. Go for flat sandals if you are not into heels.

Short skater dress can also go well with sneakers if you don’t want to look too serious, as this kind of footwear will definitely loosen things up.

You can pair it with leggings and accessorise depending on your preference.

Long earrings work well with a skater dress, especially if it’s short-sleeved. Complete the look with a purse or handbag.

Finally, one can also add a skinny or wide belt depending on the shape of your waist to give the outfit an edgy look.

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