Should the private sector recruit inexperienced staff?

The Private Sector Federation is urging private institutions to hire fresh graduates regardless of not having work experience as a way of curbing the unemployment rates especially among the youth. This private sector says should mainly apply to job positions which are not at the managerial level.

Sunday Times’ Donah Mbabazi had a chat with a cross-section of people who shared their thoughts on what they think about the initiative.


This is one of those long standing arguments, more like chicken and the egg situation. It is ridiculous to ask someone who has been in school for work experience. It has been wrong for employers to ask for work experience from people who haven’t worked at all.

But also we need to look at it from the employers’ side; it is hard to employ someone who has no experience. But for this to be good for both sides employers can create entry level positions in their companies where the employees are basically for mentoring, this is what I would suggest as it works best for both job seekers and employers.

Kenneth Agutamba, Chief Strategist at Impact Communications Strategies

Yes they should recruit them but not in high level positions, they should start with junior positions as they get exposed to the working environment because I believe what they teach in school is far different when it comes to the real working environment.

Alaine Uwambaye, Finance Administrator at Gashora Girls

I think if they continue with that thing of requiring experience, at some point the number of fresh graduates will be so many and will not be employed, it will worsen the unemployment problem.

Giving this chance to fresh graduates is a good step but they shouldn’t take the opportunity for granted but instead take it as an advantage to do their best. I think the effort should come from both sides -employers and graduates.

Nice Budandi, Event organiser at Smart Africa Secretariat

On one side it is good because fresh graduates need somewhere to get experience from. They need this because it will also prevent the youth from engaging in shady dealings as means of survival.

But on the other hand I think they shouldn’t just hire but also first provide them with professional internship to help them get experience.

Diane Niyibogora, student at Akilah Institute