Should our past determine our future?

Past memories can be harboured in our hearts but we shouldn’t let that define who we are. The past shouldn’t be that powerful.

Why on earth should the past have that power over you? Yesterday is history, which means it only contains what you went through. Yes, you might have had some bad things happen to you but it doesn’t mean that that’s what is waiting for you tomorrow. Yesterday is yesterday, but you can never know what tomorrow holds.

In fact, people are not defined by what happened to them, rather, who they choose to become, regardless of what they have been through. What happened becomes a past experience, a path that led to the choice of who you want to become. You are loyal to your future, not your past.

The past should, hence, entail previous experiences, in other words, events that belong in history because the future belongs to who you are and not who you were. The future can never depend on the past; it is a mystery, indefinite and unpredictable.

No one can predict the future, but the future entirely depends on the past. It is in the present that we take conscious decisions that influence what our future turns out to be.

For example, we don’t find ourselves in universities, randomly; we take the decision to do that and make sure that we do everything to get there. It is, therefore, inevitable that the present becomes part of your past.

The present is just a heartbeat away from becoming the past; this is why it matters what it holds. Besides, we all know that nothing just happens. What happens tomorrow is embedded in what happens today.

People are always excited about the future that at times they put too much focus on it to the extent of affecting the decisions and actions they make in the present.

The future is unpredictable, it is so uncertain, this is why we need to live in the present, without ignoring the past because it definitely plays a role in determining where we are going.

We are not able to go back to the past or change anything about it. The only time that belongs to us is now, but unavoidably, present moments will soon become part of our past too, ultimately affecting our future.

The good news is that you have a big part in deciding how the next moment can look for you, and you have just done that by reading this. Decide where you want to be in the next moments and take the right steps.



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