Should cigarettes be banned in society?

Smoking is harmful to one’s health. Net photo.

Smoking must be one of the most exceedingly hazardous things an individual can do to their bodies.

Most smokers started at a young age, which makes it hard to stop as they get older. Hence, addiction.

It is important to prohibit cigarettes since smokers (and passive smokers especially) battle with the effects eventually.  Forbidding cigarettes would ensure better health and take down considerably money used to treat the ailments that come with the vice.

Smoking makes one vulnerable to various health problems, for example, lung diseases like chronic bronchitis. It causes most cases of lung cancer. If you have asthma, tobacco smoke can trigger an attack or make an attack worse.

It is also said that half of the smokers in the world get smoking-related illnesses, meaning cigarette smokers are at high risk of acquiring severe illnesses.

When it comes to public smoking, other non-smokers around will be exposed. Secondhand smoke has serious negative health consequences. Secondhand smoke is not singularly linked to the participant. The negative effects of smoking in public carry over into other people’s lives with a tangible, measurable, and sometimes permanent impact.

Also, the earth that many people so fondly want to protect, is at great risk.

Cigarette smoking causes environmental pollution by releasing toxic air pollutants into the atmosphere.

If smoking was to be banned completely, youngsters who are easily influenced by their peers into such acts might stand a chance.

This debate has been in place for a very long time. Various reasons have been given in the quest to end smoking of cigarettes in public. Based on effects of smoking to smokers and non-smokers alike, strategies have been suggested to prohibit cigarettes. Though, over the years, efforts against cigarette smoking have proven ineffective.

So, what measures can we adopt? Banning cigarettes completely might be impractical, there can, however, be measures to keep underage people from smoking and, encourage safety for the general public, like encouraging smoking/smoke-free zones.

Cigarettes contribute significantly towards the economy, so banning them would affect the economy immensely. 

Also, it is argued that a ban of cigarettes could lead to use of drugs as a substitution—perhaps withdrawal effects of smoking.

The biggest argument from individuals who support smoking bans is that they should not have to breathe polluted air just because people near them want to smoke.

Many businesses try to make it comfortable for their patrons, but the unfortunate truth is that this too is impractical.

Why? Owners and managers of nightlife establishments have complained that business takes a sharp downward spiral as a result.

People are forbidden to smoke in establishments that serve food and customers do not want to come in for drinks, only to have to step outside whenever they want to smoke. A lot of money is lost because of smoking bans; even forcing some out of business.