Sanya: What makes it a global tourist destination?

Tourists enjoy the culture of Chinese people in Sanya. / Courtesy

Anyone who had a chance to participate in some international events such as Miss World, International Music Festival, and the 2017-2018 Clipper the sea race among other activities can better understand the real sense of why China’s manmade island of Sanya is becoming an international tourist destination.

Last month, I paid a visit to the island where I spent a week exploring its beauty and uniqueness.


According to officials, last year alone, the city received over 20 million tourists and at least 2000 residence permits were approved. The place has hosted over 8,000 events and exhibitions to enhance its brand recognition.


Located in China’s Hainan province, Sanya city is a home to 19 harbors and 10 major islets. The city is composed of two districts and six towns with a total population of 581,400 of which 42 per cent are ethnic minorities such as Li, Miao and Hui people.


Sanya is nicknamed “love island”.

Visun Rotal Club for tourists in Sanya Island. / Courtesy

Hainan province is becoming more popular and attractive. It is China’s youngest tropical island province, and largest special economic zone. The province has earned its name as the island of sound ecology, health and quality of life.

Tourists are likely to be taken around the city to experience other attractive places such as Phoenix International Cruise Terminal, Royal Yacht club, Sanya Paddy Field National Park, Sanya International Duty Shopping Center, culture of Zhongliao village residents, Xinglong Coffee Valley, Binglanggu Hainan Li and Miao cultural Heritage Park, among others.

Besides its tourism evolution, Sanya is unique for its good environment, air quality and balanced food among others that make the stunning island more special. Also, the place was said to provide the long living opportunities. At least 1630 of the people who live at the island are over 100 years old according to official statistics.

Sanya displays its natural beauty with a blending of crystal clear seas, blue skies, green mountains and winding rivers.

China’s culture is one of the country’s major touristic attractions. / Courtesy

The place can proudly boast of many advantages due to its average annual temperature of 26 degree Celsius, air quality ranking among the world’s best, sparkling clear seas, white sandy beaches, sound ecology, healthy environment, and excellent tourism industry and unique led the place to win several national recognitions.

According to Tang Sixian, Consulting Director of Sanya Tourism, culture, and sports Bureau, noted that also the stability of the country and balanced diet are among the factors making the place more unique.

“Sanya has a good environment with air quality due to sea wind, temperature, balanced diet, vegetables and fresh food from the ocean, the stability of the country where no worries about wars, diseases,… all distinguishes it from other places,”

On the side of lifestyle, unlike other cities of China where people rush early morning to their offices people of this island get up between 8:00 and 9:00 am. When they are outside, people keep on enjoying the fresh air from the green places in addition drinks.

A Li and Miao cultural heritage performance. / Courtesy

Also known as “Love of Island”, the place is more attractive to couples to spend time in this photogenic city.

Sanya offers family trips, intimate honeymoon gateway, destination weddings, premium golf tours, and international events. The place was shortlisted among 52 places to go in 2017.

Sanya doesn’t belong to China only but to the entire world in general. A famous city with good reputation which boosts its tourism sector. Being a green place, it provides fresh air, says the tour guide of the place.

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