Rumariza gears up for maiden solo art exhibition

Brave Rumariza’s first solo visual art exhibition comes after years of honing his artistic skills under unpaid apprenticeship.

Born in Kigali 20 years ago, Rumariza, who goes by the artistic moniker of Brave Tangz, will stage the exhibition between August 31 and September 7 at the Buregeya Arts Studio in Gishushu. The theme of the exhibition is: Travelling through my Mind.

The artist embarked on his artistic journey in 2013 at Yego Art Centre where he honed his skills under the guidance of more experienced hands.

His upcoming exhibition will showcase strictly installation art works, although the artist prides himself in different art mediums. Some of his preferred mediums are; acrylic on canvass, wood, sculpture, but it is installations with a dash of wire that are his personal favourite. In all, it is paintings, sculptures and installations that form the biggest part of his body of work.

“This is an installation art exhibition that is based on my mind, with different ideas where I have travelled in my mind to open the different artistic ideas hidden within. I wanted to get it out of my mind and show the world what I have found during my travels in my mind,” he explained.

Some of the artworks to be exhibited will bear titles, while others won’t.

“As an artist it is not easy that everything you think of creating can all have meaning. Some of the works may have a definite meaning while others will not.

Some of the installations to be exhibited tackle themes such as; the journey of human life, from birth to death, personal self determination, and the materials and tools that human beings use in life, but that are disposable.

The self-made artist attended primary school at Mere du Verbe and Rugando Primary schools. He attended Ecole Secondiare de Kacyriu for his O’Level, and ADB Nyarutarama for his A’Level.

Last year, he took part in a visual art exhibition for the first time, as part of a collective exhibition at the Hôtel des Mille Collines.

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