The return of plagues

A thought came to mind this morning. Some parts of the world have experienced prolonged droughts that caused death and starvation. There are other countries that came from severe, prolonged drought to heavy unprecedented floods. Nature has of recent dealt us a blow. There have been too many lives lost in different ways.

As we take all precautions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic, I went back to the Bible to see what these occurrences had in common with some of the past events. Not long ago, our biggest worry was locusts reaching Rwanda. We were reading in the news that locusts had invaded, Kenya, Uganda and other neighbouring countries. We were forewarned, forearmed and all set to deal with the locusts if at all the winds would lead them in our direction. By the way, what befell the locusts? Just like that their escapade was overtaken by an even bigger event.


In the book of Exodus, there were plagues inflicted on Egypt to push Pharaoh to release Israelites. The plagues were signs to show the Egyptians that God was God. Oh yes, God too has those moments when He looks at you and says this one who is in doubt, let me do signs and wonders that he/she will never question who I am ever again.


There were cases where he hardened Pharaoh’s heart, such that even when a plague was done he still would not release the Israelites and this would make God unleash His signs some more. All living creatures in Egypt faced the wrath of God. Interestingly a locust invasion was one of the signs. Locusts descended on Egypt and literally covered the ground. Forget about what was witnessed in Central Kenya recently, it’s said that was the worst infestation in 70 years, yet compared to what was in Egypt, that was nothing. The beauty of stories of an unhappy God was that He was always willing to hear out those that would look up and cry to Him.


Today the world is full of self-seeking people and nations, well, until tragedy struck and called everyone’s attention to what had transpired and was affecting people regardless of age, gender or race. When we read the first report about the virus in China, it was just another piece in the paper about China. It was bound to pass or it would be overtaken by a tweet, but lo and behold!

When God was about to destroy Sodom he promised to spare it if he found 50 righteous people. Not to be overly pessimistic but if somebody had a conversation with God today and pleaded with Him to spare the world from Covid-19, for the sake of several righteous people, would we be spared? And I’m very sure prayer warriors are on their knees; otherwise it probably could have been worse.

Do we stand a chance to be spared? Would God find someone or a group of people to work with?

Do stay safe, self distance and wash your hands regularly.

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