The resident rat

I was getting ready to enjoy a relaxing weekend when I saw the unmistakable droppings that could only mean one thing. There was a rat in the house — my house! I had no idea how it got in or where it was hiding. I know it hasn’t left and I’m not happy about that. Usually, I’m supportive of all things female but I hope this rat and I don’t share the same gender. If we do, I hope it’s not pregnant because who wants baby rats scampering all over the place? One is problematic enough! Anyone turning their nose up at my rat woes obviously doesn’t know about planes that have been forced to make emergency landings after rats were discovered on board, or the ones seen darting across the White House lawn in broad daylight. Several high end restaurants and supermarkets have had or have a rat problem so don’t judge me.

I understand 2020 is the ‘Year of the Rat’ according to the Chinese Calendar. It was supposed to be a good year symbolising good fortune and abundance. Well, it’s been disappointing so far to say the least, and I for one would never celebrate the existence of rats.


In fact, I wonder why God even bothered to create them as they can be such a nuisance. Scientists and researchers who need them and mice for lab experiments might feel different, but I’m sure even they wouldn’t want them invading their homes. Rats are supposedly smart creatures but that’s hard to believe because if they were that smart, they’d stay out of our homes and any other places they’re not really wanted.


I had the unenviable experience of having my feet nibbled at and I can tell you it wasn’t nice. Funny enough, it was while visiting an aunt who happens to have a morbid fear of rats herself and goes to extreme lengths to keep the rodents out — and yet they still managed to sneak in. I’ve been thinking of ways to get rid of my uninvited guest. Wouldn’t want to kill it per se. Anyone who has had to deal with a dead rat knows how vile they smell, and with all this time we’re now spending at home, I’m not sure I’d want to put up with that.


I just want it to leave before it inflicts any damage because then it will leave me no choice. Food I can cover up. It’s my clothes and especially books and other reading materials I’m worried about. I swear to God if it takes even one bite of those, I’m enlisting my dad’s help since he sets a mean mouse trap. It’s just that I’ve always felt sad and guilty about baiting the poor things to their death. As for the cats in my neighbourhood, they must be well-fed because not a single one of them has lifted a paw to rid our area of these rodents. If I didn’t know better, I’d think they conspired to gang up against us rather than have them for dinner! Cats and rats against humans is what that would be.

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