Personal branding: How to build a successful brand

A number of people have come to understand the power of social media and because of this, many are using the platform to create prominent personal brands. 

Personal branding is basically how an individual markets themselves to others. It is also the conscious and intentional effort to create and influence public perception of an individual by positioning them as an authority in their industry and elevating their credibility.


With online platforms, people have obtained the ability to curate the kind of image they want to display for the public, and this has created windows of opportunities in terms of career as well as increasing their circle of influence. 


Why is it important?


Media personality and comedian, Arthur Nkusi, says personal branding is very important to any personality looking at creating a unique image that separates them from other brands. 

“I personally think everyone has a certain image of how people see them or take them, but when you brand yourself in a certain way, you’re creating a stable way of how people perceive you. It even helps you to understand who your target audience is, and that way you can easily connect,” he says.

Nkusi thinks the best way to build a personal brand is to stay true to yourself, highlighting that what identifies you is the key. 

The best way to build a personal brand is to stay true to yourself. Net photos

“The rest that comes with branding are just packages to make you look professional, but your identity has to stay true to who you really are as a person,” he adds.

In the same way Allen Nsiima, a sales manager, believes that the process of personal branding encompasses discovering one’s individuality and also constructing a status based off the things you want to be known for.

“When it comes to branding, the aim is to craft something that expresses a message of who you are and what you want to influence. Whether its business, entertainment or other areas, you need to find focus on what makes you, you,” she says.

She also adds that it’s important for those with interest to understand that creating a personal brand on social media isn’t easy. 

“It necessitates much effort and investigation for it to be done successfully. It also goes beyond appearances, for it is more about what you stand for and what people should expect from you.”

According to Sam Asiimwe Ruhindi, a poet and photographer, personal branding is important in this modern world because it helps people know more about what you’re doing, what you know best and what your next client should expect. 

“It helps you to mark your career reputation and stand out from the crowd,” he says.

He explains that some of the best ways to build a successful personal brand involves being consistent in what you do, but this also means that you have to first master it, he points out.

“Think outside the box, always study your environment and see what’s missing and how you can solve things and fill that gap. Be present and get involved in doing the work. Here, as you get busier and the social media gets louder, ensure to be there and present original content,” Ruhindi advises.

Goldie Chan, a contributor with Forbes Magazine, writes that creating a successful personal brand calls for one’s ability to tell a story. 

She notes that the most effective personal branding strategy these days is to build a true narrative - single character monologues are boring and even more boring for your personal brand.

No one wants to hear you shout about your brand into the social media void, so create a story around your brand that your audience can engage with. One of the best ways to tell that story is through written content or video. If your personal brand isn’t telling a story, you’ve already lost half of your potential audience, she writes.

Chan also highlights the need for one to be ready to fail.

Failure is tough, and all of us generally want to avoid it - that’s human nature. However, to have a personal brand that rises above the rest, you need to have a failure, she notes.

“Create a positive impact. After you’ve developed your personal brand over a period of time, there are generally two ways to continue to build your brand - hop over others and burn bridges or steadily grow a community around your brand.”

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