Nurture your body with regular sports

The car-free day exercise was introduced over two years ago by Kigali City Council, in partnership with Rwanda Biomedical Centre, in a bid to promote a healthy lifestyle./ File

Our bodies can be nurtured in many ways. Eating a balanced diet, staying away from harmful substances, doing sports, to mention but a few.

Have you tried doing sports on a regular basis? Often times, this is advice given by health specialists.


We are in an era where there is hardly time for many things, including exercise.


However, we must all endeavour to find the time for sports as it is important to keep our bodies fit.


When people hear the word ‘sports’, football, basketball, volleyball and other games, come to mind. However, that is not the case. Even taking an evening walk is sports.

Exercise boosts the mind and strengthens our muscles; our bodies are energised, making us more productive in our day-to-day activities.

Through exercise, we get to socialise more—great friendships have started in the gym.

On car-free day, many people partake in the exercise programme.

 “I have met many people and made new friends during car-free day exercises,” says Jean Pierre Havugintwali, a regular participant.

With regular exercise, experts say many conditions can be prevented, like obesity— which also leads to depression and low self-esteem.

The Government has strongly supported sports and is creating awareness through initiatives like the car-free day, and so we should all get on board.



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