Nothing like a mother’s love

Mothers’ Day reminds us all that we wouldn’t be here without our Mums, Moms or Mamas depending on where you come from!

It’s typically a celebration of the women who brought us into this world but over the years, this special day has evolved to include Adoptive Mums, Stepmoms and other female figures in our lives.

I doubt anyone needs convincing as to how important a role Mothers play in a child’s life. When I think about my Mother, I think about my whole entire life.

She’s everything and means the world to me and I hope she knows that. Most people feel the same about their Mums.

There’s this unconditional love and unbreakable bond and I know it may sound cliché but it is true.

For most people, the one person you trust the most and first person you call for advice about work, relationships, finances or whatever issues you may be facing is your Mum even though you may end up not taking her advice but at least you sought it.

Funny to think that in our teens, we tend to confide more in our friends and just won’t listen to our Mums even when they’re clearly looking out for us and then years later when we’re adults and have families of our own, we morph into our Mums and start doing or teaching our Kids the very things our Mums begged us to do all those years ago!

Sadly, there are children who don’t get along with their Mothers. I don’t mean having the odd argument or disagreeing on certain things every now and then.

I mean estrangement and rifts where Mother and child don’t see or talk to each other at all, except at funerals! How tragic!

There are usually good reasons for that. Could be something the Mother did.

Abuse, neglect or something but still, I wish everyone got along with their Mum because we need them just like they need us.

The nature of life is such that our Mums nurture and raise us and when they start to age, it’s our turn to take care of them. I watched my Mum take care of her Mother, my Grandma and they had such respect and mutual fondness for each other.

One of my biggest fears is losing my Mum. I don’t even want to think about it. It’s important that we make these incredible women feel special and appreciated after all the sacrifices they make.

Think of Teenage girls expelled from school when they get pregnant but choose to keep the baby. Women who gave up their careers and put their dreams on hold either because their employers wouldn’t grant them ample Maternity Leave or the flexibility needed if one has a special needs child so they’re forced to quit.

It’s hard and I don’t know how women with more than one child do it. So, show your Mums some love and gratitude. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture although if you can afford to buy her a nice car or house, you should but if your finances are anything like mine, just do something meaningful within your means.

Get her a nice Phone, Blender, Pair of Shoes, a Week’s groceries… It’s the thought that counts!



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