Nothing good comes out of a comfort zone

Brian‘Head’ Welch was founder and lead guitarist of a platinum winning band. At a point in his life he was consumed with fear when he overheard his daughter sing a song done by ‘Korn’ his band ‘all day I dream about sex,’ he wondered what he was doing to his daughter. She was young, too young to sing such lyrics.

This prompted him to reach out to two business partners who were Christian, in an email he told them his life was falling apart. They later took him for fellowship where the preacher called upon anyone who wanted to accept Jesus as their personal savior and Brian put his hand up, he said a prayer went back home, smoked a joint, said a prayer went to the toilet and told God he was ready to follow his lead. Basically he was done doing him.

By the time Brian split from Korn they were going to sign a recording deal that would give each of the band members $20,000,000. This man’s life experienced a shift. He left behind the fame, stardom and loads of money. Nobody could believe, but it happened.

Many people go through a lot to achieve success in life. The thought of letting go of something one has worked to build for years definitely will not be welcome immediately. There is a friend who congratulated me upon a certain development in my life, and in my response I said glory to God, this guy surprised me by saying leave God out of this, you have done a lot, I have watched you from day one. But I insisted on thanking God and told him I wouldn’t be if it was not for God. It is a mistake many of us make, we feel like we have succeeded because we are the ish, in actual sense we are all we are purely by God’s grace. There is nothing God cannot turn around, nothing that is up which he cannot bring down and nothing that is down that he cannot take up.

God will teach you how to live by faith, your fear will be shaken out of you, things will be moved just for you to hit the road and achieve the purpose for which He has you here.  I can attest to this.

When things are moving on well it is very possible to forget where we have come from, it is easy to assume all is good because we deserve it whereas the ones facing difficulties are deserving of that as their portion.

By deciding to leave the band Brian lost and gained at the same time. He lost quite a chunk of money, deals and fame in the secular sphere but gained a certain knowledge of self and discovered an unrivaled peace and joy that no money could afford him. That reminds me of what my sister Linda keeps telling me…‘nothing good comes out of your comfort zone’, and of another quote by an anonymous author which states that ‘life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone’.