My affair with Rwanda was love at first sight

So many want to live the American dream, but I have lived mine in Rwanda, a nation as small as my country Belgium.

My time in Rwanda opened my eyes in so many ways. It taught me that happiness cannot be sought for in the ever changing technology, but rather in what we have already.

Nowadays we are no longer satisfied with what we have, we are influenced by society to always want more. This is because of the evolving technology which is influencing us a lot.

Happiness is all in our hearts, it is important that we take time to appreciate what we have. Our parents, family and friends, we should tell them how much we love them. It means a lot and it is what matters most.

The feelings I experienced while in Rwanda were partly of sorrow but mostly of admiration. Rwandans don’t have it all together but they are happy people.

Children go out there and play with something as simple as a tire and they are happy because they are doing it together.

Technology in our country Belgium is doing more harm than good. Children want the latest toys or gadgets. They grow up in solitude because they don’t get a chance to blend with other children. However I put the blame on parenting.

But it is good to take children out there and show them the world, take them to developing countries and let them see the world in a different way. There is much more to life than owning electronic gadgets.

A better world starts with you, with us. Let’s change our mind set by daring to focus on what matters. Surround yourself with people who have good intentions, people who also want a better future for you.

Love should be the language we speak, not religion or skin colour should stand in the way. Black or white we are all the same, after all, we all are people seeking a brighter future. How beautiful it would be to live in a world with only peace and no violence, I am sure this is all we crave deep inside.

 My stay in Rwanda felt like a dream

The moment I stepped off the plane, I knew that this city had something special and I wanted to discover it completely.

The beautiful sky, the streets lights through the many hills. And the stars, oh the stars, I have never seen so many stars. It was unbelievable. It was my first time to visit Africa and Rwanda just stole my heart. It aroused feelings I have never felt before.  

Kigali is developing at a high speed; it is also the cleanest city in Africa. The weather is perfect, the food is great and the people are welcoming. Rwandans have reasons to be proud of their land, they have the best President.

I learnt a lot during my stay in Rwanda.  I did not know what to expect before I left for Africa but staying in Rwanda felt like home.

I had a nice time when I visited places like Pili Pili, Cocobean, Papyrus and Java.  I made a lot of friends.

Rwanda is very different from Belgium in a lot of ways for example the food, the music and culture in general.

It is this difference that has made it all for me; I went back to my country a very different person. I am the kind who likes to meet different people, but now I am going to approach this in a different way too, with even more kindness and respect. I learnt this from Rwanda.

I will tell friends and family more about life, even strangers. Rwanda made me a smarter man. It was six weeks but I have never experienced this in my entire life. I have done a lot of self-discovery. It was the most beautiful adventure I have ever had; I had to extend my return-ticket twice.

Living in Rwanda at times felt like a dream but it was real. Visiting the beautiful nature, hills, volcanoes, and safari parks was all fun but if you want to truly experience the land of a thousand hills get to know the people. Every time someone said something nice, I wanted to film it or talk to them about it because what they say comes from the heart, you can see it in their eyes.

Rwanda for me has become a great destination. It is the most beautiful country in Africa; a lot of friends have said the same.

I hope that someday I get to own there a house and even start my own business, maybe a restaurant because I love food and I like serving and interacting with people.

I have certainly discovered and lived my happiest throughout my stay in Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda because it is paradise on planet earth.