KWEZI AND I: Of weather that comes with issues

Nasra Bishumba and her Kwezi. File.

Most of us who have been suffering because of the hot season have for the last few days been celebrating the rainy season that started about a week ago. That humidity that was threatening to suffocate us is now gone, and for that we are thankful. That said, just like some of us prefer rain to humidity, there are a few people out here who are frustrated by it and without even knowing it, I think Kwezi must be one of them.

Honest doctors will tell you that the rainy season is a busy one for them. Throat infections, fevers, breathing issues arise in many, especially children. This week, Kwezi and I found ourselves among those who need doctors during this season. She already doesn’t really breathe well but the wet season really does tell you how deep the issue is.


So we got to the doctor and as suspected, she had tonsillitis but also, it was discovered that the tonsils are larger than the normal size and they play a role in her breathlessness. Now, if there is one thing that is hard to comprehend, it is the struggle to breathe, especially if you are not really sick. Different people have told me that tonsils can be removed and someone can live happily without them. My nephew had the same issue and they were removed and he is doing well. However, my doctor, who I believe in so much, mostly because he has been in the profession for 40 years, advised me not to remove them. According to his explanation, no part of the body should be cut off unless it is damaged. He took his time and explained to me the value of tonsils, which in a few words, have a role in protecting our lungs.


He also told me that Kwezi will outgrow the issue and with expert medication, her breathing should be back to normal soon.


Now, if you are a parent, you know how much pressure there is, when you make the tragic mistake of talking about an issue your child has. In normal circumstances, hearing what other people’s experiences are is not a bad idea, in fact, even the unsolicited advice is not that annoying anymore, what is annoying is when it comes with lots of pressure to take action based on other people’s experiences. I have learnt how to ignore most of it.

I think as we battle the weather and bundle ourselves in woollen jumpsuits and sweaters, with mugs of hot chocolate, we will wait this out.

I need Kwezi to breathe well of course but I am also not ready to jump on the wagon of surgery. That’s every parent’s nightmare so forgive me if I am taking my time to weigh other options. But of course as usual, we shall overcome.

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