KWEZI AND I: The tale of a runaway nanny

I HAVE had a rough month, particularly in the nanny department. When my previous nanny announced that she would be leaving two weeks ago, besides being thrown off balance, I was also thrown into a frenzy, trying to look for her replacement.

I was lucky when I was finally put in touch with a young lady who I was required to send transport fare to enable her to join our small family as soon as possible. The young lady showed up on Saturday this past weekend and besides the fact that she looked a little younger than her age, everything else seemed to be in order.


I took her through what is expected of her and she asked me a few questions on her part and we seemed to be on the right path. Monday was a public holiday so on Tuesday, she woke up early, prepared Kwezi and walked her to the bus stop on time. Besides cleaning up, her most important duty of the day was to be at the bus stop. I set off for work, relieved that I had finally found a replacement.

Well, again, I think I celebrated too early. At about 5pm, I tried to call to remind her about picking up Kwezi. I called twice, the phone was off. I did not panic. Calmly, I called the teaching assistant who moves with the children on the bus and she told me that she had passed the stage and had not seen the nanny across the street. There was no need to worry because the bus would be turning around in a few minutes and by then, the teacher hoped that the nanny would be there. The nanny was a no-show when the bus arrived. I asked the shopkeeper next to my house to ring the bell and check on the young woman. Still no response. By this time, it was getting dark and eventually, I made plans for a friend to pick up Kwezi and bring her to my office. When we eventually got home, my gate was open. The doors of my house were open and on checking her bedroom, the nanny had packed up and left.  Thankfully, she did not steal anything from the house.

We are back to square one. I really hate starting over but clearly, when it comes to nannies, it is sheer luck and that is what I have had the past few years. Is my luck running thin? I doubt.

What we need is time and a little faith. In the end, we, as always, shall overcome.

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