KWEZI AND I: How time flies

I feel like it’s only the other day that I was making lots of noise about how expensive it is for a child enrolling in school for the very first time. Yes. It really is. I was reminded of this when I received a letter from Kwezi’s school informing me that they would be breaking off for holidays on March 29. I was surprised. I feel like she just started school weeks ago.

Kwezi will be sitting her exams and on the last day, she will have what they call ‘Sharing Day’, where the children sit in one place and share whatever has been packed for them. It must be exciting to be able to eat all sorts of things then run out in the field and jump into bouncing castles, play hide and seek and other things people with absolutely no bills to pay do. I am excited for her.

On the other hand, this is the time to think about how she will spend her holiday. This is not the same girl who used to sit in front of the television and be satisfied with just watching cartoons. This is a girl who has for the last two to three months left home in the morning and spent most of her day in a place where I like to say; diversity lives. She has a routine and now that it is going to be on hold, it is time to think of Plan B.

This is also the time most parents start thinking about where next term’s tuition will come from. The space between the last time we paid tuition and the next is very small and the economy is biting. The hustle continues.

This also made me realise something else. Time flies and one day, I am going to open my eyes and find Kwezi in her teens because until this day, I feel like she was born just yesterday, just the way I feel she was having her first day at school just the other week.

One term down, many more to go and like I always say, I am an intern on this parenting journey and I am learning as I go, one step at a time and I pray that God continues to guide and support us every step of the way. We have done four years, we surely shall overcome.