Keri Hilson’s Ubugali lunch gets twitter guessing

Keri Hilson

A heated debate arose on twitter this Monday, after Keri Lynn Hilson alias Keri Hilson posted a photo of her lunch on twitter, asking her followers to repost if they know the right name.

Hilson, 35, the American urban contemporary singer, songwriter, and arranger known as a solo artist and for her extensive collaborations with Timbaland, Kanye West and T.I was undoubtedly eating what most Rwandans surely can relate to.

The “Knock you down” singer was feasting Ubugali (Cassava paste), served with what looked like Isombe (Cassava leaves) mixed with imifupa (bone) and Indagara (silverfish).

But Hilson is yet to reveal if she was having her lunch from the U.S or anywhere around Africa and specifically in the East or West Africa where ​the ​cuisine​ is quite a staple meal.

It’s been about ​e​ight long years since Keri Hilson released an album​,​ and she’s been equally as absent from the live circuit too.

But she has kept her followers on twitter entertained. Her most recent posts reflects a “growing” Hilson who been doing “a lot of growing in so many personal ways, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of thinking about the legacy I am to leave.”

“I’m literally now surrounded by people with like-minded hearts, and working daily to improve the scope for those who are less fortunate​,”​​ Hilson wrote on her Instagram page 6 days ago.

In an emotional appearance on The Steve Harvey Show, last month, the singer-songwriter sheds light on why.

Hilson sat down with psychic medium Reginald Lewis, who tapped into worries that she later expanded ​up​on.

In the candid segment, she says she “hit rock bottom” and revealed that she never intended for her break from music to be more than one year.

According to That Grape Juice,

​Ms. Hilson never specified whether she was referencing her split from longtime lover Serge Ibaka or the hardships of showbiz, but it’s safe to assume both are factors.
In any case, she’s a quality talent who delivers quality music. So we’re rooting for her comeback.

Additional reporting by @ThatGrapeJuice

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