Keeping the right company at school

It is a known fact that learners spend most of their time in school. This is where we build character, personality and core values. If students are to spend most of their time in a learning institution, we might as well surround ourselves with people who will shape us and contribute to our growth as individuals.

It is said that the people we spend a lot of time with tend to hugely impact our life in various ways. When students are at school, they are at times bombarded with tons of factors that may stress them. It could be upcoming exams they have to study for, or dealing with personal issues. We all need that one person or people who will be there for us.

The right company doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be saints. It just means that they are always willing to support you in any way that they can—they are not afraid to correct you when you are wrong, and will put a smile on your face whenever you are down.

When one is surrounded by the right people, especially at school, you are guaranteed to succeed in life, as opposed to a person hanging with the wrong company. The wrong kind of company being people who keep you from getting ahead, or are into harmful practises like drugs and alcohol or skipping school, to mention a few.

There are many reasons you should stay away from bad company, for example, imagine constantly ending up in the principal’s office—accused of a crime that you probably didn’t commit but are an accomplice to because of the people you hang with.

There are people out there that will inspire you to be better. They will motivate you to achieve the goals you thought were only possible in your dreams, and empower you to make the hard but needed changes required to bring you closer to a fruitful life.

We have been repeatedly told that the life we live in high school is what shapes us into the adults we become in the future. If your friends are the type that instinctively make decisions without considering the end result, then you should re-think the people you are with every school day of your life. There is a saying “a friend one is that overlooks the broken fence but admires the flower in the garden”.

Another saying goes, “a genuine friend is supposed to help you see the optimistic side to everything, and let you know that everything will be okay when the walls come crashing down”. Learners need to be careful when it comes to making friends. This way, you are assured they will do right by you and themselves no matter what.



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